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Monthly Archives: March 2019

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The Story Of an Elephant

Since childhood, I have been listening to Motivational stories which teach us great moral values. One of these stories was told to me by an entrepreneur in a conference in Dubai. The Elephant Rope A bag back traveler travels to a village in Africa for


Ownership Is Key To Success

Ownership is the concept of getting responsible. Responsibility is to focus on achieving positive outcomes. No matter we fail, start improving your self by today. It may includes: Self Esteem Sefl Made Self Dependent Self Employed Grateful Self Satisfaction Self Empowerment Self Education Self enhancement

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11 Skills of Positive Life

Communications (King Skill) Decision Making (Learn to say Yes or No) Prioritization Love (Social Genius) (#1 Master Skill) Thinking (Work on Possibilities) Self Management (Self Pity) Resource Management (Time, Money, Humans etc) Information Management (Knowledge Direction) Learning (Grooming) Goal Oriented (Vision) Leadership Be Your Self,

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7 Buckets of Life

Life is full of responsibilities and curiosities. You cant spend the whole life in specific areas. We always need to fulfill our responsibilities in every area of life. Here are the top 7 buckets of life to consider Health Personality Social (Friends & Family) Career

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Top 6 Qualities of a Leader

A leader motivates people with great moral values. The leader leads from the front and a great leader encourage leaders. Here are the top 6 qualities of a leader.  Upright Focussed Struggle Honest Committed Sincere All you have to do is to get grateful first!


Positive Quotes About Life

Quotes are the thoughts of a person who experienced life and observes nature closely. There are many philosophers in history with amazing quotes. We have covered some of the best positive quotes. You can learn from this list of best quotes and make your life