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How To Join A Cancer Support Group

Does it Necessary to Join the Cancer Support Group? Many cancer patients receive support from family and friends. However, it is also beneficial to join a cancer support community for people who have been through a similar experience. A support group refers to a meeting of

Tips on Keeping Thyroid under Control

What is Thyroid? The thyroid is a ductless gland present at the bottom of the neck. Thyroid glands produce essential hormones in the body. The hormones thyroid gland secretion helps the body for various purposes, including growth, development, temperature regulation, and metabolism.  What Does Thyroid


COVID-19 Pandemic

Corona Virus History Coronavirus is a type of virus that causes an infection in the nose, sinuses, and throat.  Normally most of the Coronavirus is not dangerous. Some of them are very diseases that cause deaths of 858 people in Saudi Arabia. It also affects

Positive Quotes for Work

Positive Quotes for Work

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