Story On Helping Others

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Move the Obstacle

Long ago in a faraway kingdom, a wise king lived. He decides to offer set aside a part of his wealth and give it to someone who would be worthy within his kingdom. Without talking to his advisors he acts alone and decides to put a small test. The king goes to the busiest part of the kingdom and arranges a small undercover mission. He orders his servants to go and dig a hole, put in an anonymous box and then put a big stone on it, which would block the walk pathway in the busy street. This operation took place in the night when no one was there. In the morning the King went undercover as a normal man to check who would put the stone aside from the walking pathway.

The king saw a few of his advisors passing by the stone and didn’t even bother and ignored and passed by the stone. Later a few people passing saw the stone and started complaining about the stone and blamed loudly to the king, and they kept on going, doing again nothing.

A few people later a vegetable seller riding on his donkey stops and see the stone. He gets off and straight-up starts to move the stone. As the stone was heavy and he was not able to do it alone. The vegetable seller decides to arrange a rope and tie it to the stone and use his donkey to take the weight. Now the vegetable seller had finally moved the stone out of the pathway.

While he was getting ready to go back to the Dunkey, He looked back and saw a note where he removed the stone from.

The note said:

This note is from the King. Please dig here and I would like to reward you with Gold and Silver for removing the stone. Please visit the castle with this note and have a personal meeting with the king, Do bring a copy of this note along with you.

Moral of the story

Every obstacle we come across gives us an opportunity to improve our circumstances. While others keep complaining, you go and start doing it. Never complain, become independent and make your own decisions. Unless you make a change of mentality, There cannot be a change of character. Be the change and not the complaint.

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