A Story on the Honesty

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A Pound of Cheese

Lived a cheese maker in a village in the northeast of London in the middle ages. Every day a baker bought a pound of cheese from the cheese maker. For a few weeks, the baker started feeling that the cheesemaker has been giving him less than a pound of cheese to him whenever the baker asked for a pound. Baker decides to sue the cheese maker in the court of law. When presented in the form of the judge the cheese-maker was asked, have you been cheating with the baker and not been giving a pound to the baker.

In reply the cheese maker says,

Before the baker started buying the cheese from me, I had purchased a loaf of bread from the baker of a pound. Hence whenever the baker comes to buy cheese, I use the Loaf of bread given to me by him to weigh, which as per him was a pound

Listening to this the Judge dismissed the case and gave a verdict in the cheesemakers favor.

Story Lesson

In this life, we get what we give. So stop CHEATING OTHERS, always remember, before you lie to the world you must lie to yourself first.

The Moral: As you Sow, so shall you Reap!

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