Love is Eternal: The box with kisses

There was a man once, Fustrated from his life. he had a daghter by the name of Annie. One day near the holidays the little girl Annie, Thought to suprise her dad with a gift.

As finance was tied and the father was in tension and was not able to make ends meet. The little girl went to the store and got herself a Golden wrapping paper . She went home and wrapped a box and in the morning went to her father and gave the gift and said,

Daddy, i love you

The father opened the gift only to see the box was empty, Fustrated on other things the father yelled at her, Telling her ‘don’t you know when you give a gift to someone or a present it should never be empty.

Annie looking up at her father while tears fall from her eyes says

Father its not empty, Whole night I blew kisses in the box for you.

Here the father’s heart crushed and huged Annie and kissed her and said I am sorry dear for not realising your love for me.

A few weeks later in an car accident Annie the daughter passes away.

the father later kept that golden box for many years beside he bed and when he would get discouraged he would open the box and have imaginary kisses to remember the love the daghter had for him.

Moral of the story

Love is eternal, thats why there is a saying, God is love.

Love is the most presious power a person can posses and it is surely the biggest possession to posses aswell. Never judge to quikly on any situation. Think a 100 times before starting a relationship and think a thousand times to end one.

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