Manoj Tulsani’s Glowing Success Story

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Many people have turned to creating experiences and memories as they book travel, accommodation, and activities never like before. In today's online world, you can easily compare deals and get the best deal that suits your taste and requirements.

This story is about a young, hardworking, and dynamic businessman who brought innovation and creative ideas to incorporate a company named Rayna Tours. The men behind the success of Rayna Tours are founders Manoj Tulsani and Kamlesh Ramchandani With no prior background, experience, or mentor support in the travel and hospitality sector, they made it big by understanding the pulse of the industry through their customers.

The inception of Rayna Tours

Manoj and his co-founder, Kamlesh, founded Rayna Tours in 2006. After he resigned from his position as Marketing Head at Time Machine Group of Companies,Manoj was driven by his passion for travel. The travel and hospitality sector needed to be infused with innovative and creative ideas for creating experiences and memories rather than just travel packages and deals. Rayna Tours focused on organizing activities and tours for hotel guests and started its eventful journey serving the Flora Grand Hotel in Dubai. They focused on getting the small things right, which unanimously fetched them lavish praise from all quarters,thanks to the uniqueness of their concept and the team's dedication and hard work. Rayna Tours expanded rapidly in Dubai within two years by opening fifteen more outlets across the major hotels and resorts.

The continuation of success

Rayna Tours nurtured the concept of continuous creativity, innovation, and creating customer experiences in the travel and hospitality sector. By 2009, it had transformed into a destination management company and had become an industry leader. The continuous growth of Rayna Tours has led to accelerating the customer experience factor in the travel & hospitality industry. Consolidating its position as a leader for over a decade, Rayna Tours continues to expand and evolve through its unique proposition, catering to every global traveler's taste, choice, and requirements.

The key challenges that Rayna Tours faced during its journey

The company's flaws were terribly exposed over time due to the lack of experience in this sector. Both founders came from different industries. The business idea packed a punch, but the take-off was tough as they didn't have a concrete business plan or a strong mentor to guide an inexperienced team. The tough competition in the market further worsened the situation. These unique challenges bound the team together to thrive in such situations.

The key aspects of making it big

When Rayna Tours embarked on its journey, there were roadblocks, lack of experience, a lean team, and stiff competition. However, the business idea of creating experiences and memories slowly and steadily started creeping into the industry, where they started winning the trust and confidence of the target audience. Over time, the team realized their mistakes and kept thriving on new challenges and learning from past failures.

Rayna Tours had initially started its journey serving hotels and resorts. But, the biggest turning point came when they designed their own services and sold them directly to the customers. This resulted in them getting to know their customer pulse much better and aligning their products and service portfolio as per the customer’s expectations. They invested in creating their own desert camp, cruise inventories, buses, luxury vehicles, holiday packages, coaches, and sightseeing tours, but all with the sole focus of creating experiences and memories only. The direct selling of the offerings eliminated all unwanted middlemen who consumed many hidden costs and time. Today, because of investing in key customer value propositions, Rayna Tours offers the best rates in the industry.

Specialization of Rayna Tours and International Expansion

Rayna Tours is a one-stop destination management company where you can find anything and everything related to travel, be it an activity, holiday, or tour, and even visa requirements, all under one roof. There is an exclusive section and an expert team to ensure that the right indulgences are packed for your travel, accommodation, and activities.

From the beginning, Rayna tours have always focused on providing its customers with value-packed solutions covering every aspect of their travel needs. This key proposition helps them to provide their users an optimum user experience across the entire travel journey. The supply chain of effective planning, resource allocation, superior booking experience across all channels, online and offline, and 24x7 live customer support has made it one of the major leaders in the travel and hospitality sector today.

With the introduction of the online boom, Rayna Tours picked up businesses in both B2B and B2C sectors. The online portal of Rayna Tours B2C offers a great deal to compile, compare, and view many tours that cater to a global audience. In addition, the B2B portal of Rayna Tours offers an excellent source through the web for small and medium size travel companies and tour operators to boost and grow their travel business.

Rayna Tours is headquartered in Dubai at Port Saeed. In addition, there are several branches in ten more countries worldwide. Rayna Tours has further diversified its business besides strengthening its international presence. Today, Rayna Group focuses on creating effective and innovative construction and transport solutions. Although challenges are quite unique across various regions, the team is thrilled about the possibilities.

Awards and recognition

Rayna Tours had a humble beginning starting as a small travel boutique. Over the time, it has won several travel business awards, being recognized by the international audience. The company's massive growth has acquired several prestigious travel awards and accolades during its incredible journey. The most popular awards are the Traveler's Choice Award by Trip Advisor for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021. Real positive reviews and ratings are the main criteria for winning this prestigious award.

Other prominent awards that it won are the Best Partner Award for Dubai Parks and Resorts and the Arabian Travel Award2017 in two different categories: Best B2B portal and Best Destination Management Company. The company has also been continuously bestowed with Best Performer Award / Customer Service from top attractions in the UAE, such as Yas Island, Global Village, and Dubai Dolphinarium.

Finally, some inspirational words from Manoj!

According to Manoj, Rayna Tours’ vision is to make travel simple, fun, and accessible. Being true to oneself and innovative and creative ideas remain the core specialty of their business. The company's core values are clearly visible in every offering they provide and undertake while continuously solving its customer's travel problems.

He says, “theinception and the beginning will always be tough. But over the long run, if your business idea packs a punch, and you have a great team who put in sincere efforts and hard work, success will eventually move towards you. The business involves an element of risk synonymous with this industry, and mitigating these risks determines your survival in the industry. And like always, being positive and firm on your ideas and hard work will help you roll and be better prepared for the tough journey ahead.”

In fact, the company has always remained flexible and never shies away from the customer’s advice and feedback, making them one of the trusted sources of business empowerment.

Manoj also states that travel is booming, and it is an exciting journey to capture the mindset of every traveler keen on travel while creating the need to travel. Rayna Tours focuses on making its customers stand out as its brand ambassadors. The company has seen success by moving in this direction and feels the need to bring people back to travel and, more importantly, to Rayna unaided. That is what keeps the team going ahead.

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