Positive Quotes for Positive Life

1. Resentment?

“Resentment is like drinking Poison and Expecting other Person to Die…”


2. What I think?

“I am not, what I think I am

I am not, what you think I am

I am, what i think, You Think, I am”


3. Rich and Famous?

“Everyone Should become rich and Famous and Do everything to dreamed of, Just to see that it’s not the Answer”

Jim Carrey

4. Fear?

“So many of us choose our path out of fear DISGUISED as Practicality”

Jim Carrey

5. Head or Heart?

“When you are in your Head, You are Dead”

Tony Robbins

6. Life?

“When you Truly want to Live, You Live”


7. Time?

Time Flies, But you are the Pilot”

Jay Shetty

8. Best Teacher?

“Life and Time are the best 2 teachers.

Life Teaches us, the make good use of time

Time Teaches us, the Value of Time”

Jay Shetty

9. Qualities of Time?

“Time is very slow to those who Want,

Very fast for those who scared,

Very long who are sad,

Very Short to those who Celebrate,

For those who LOVE, Time is Eternal”

William Shakespeare

10. Achievement?

“You can Still achieve More, Just get grateful first”

Fearless Soul

11. Multi Tasking?

“Never Put your Life, in One Bucket” 7 Buckets of Life

Qasim Ali Shah

12. Taste of Life?

“Life is name of limited time period, Taste the Life!”


13. Quality of Life?

“The quality of life is directly proportional to the conversation between You and You”

Tony Robbins

14. Love Quality?

“Love quality is #1 skill of Future”

Jack Ma

15. Change?

“The Only thing Constant is Change”


16. Make an Impact

People Will Forget What You said,

People Will Forget What You Did,

People Will Never Forget,

How You Made Them To Feel

Maya Angelou

Change Your Life, To be a better One!

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