Positive Quotes About Life

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Quotes are the thoughts of a person who experienced life and observes nature closely. There are many philosophers in history with amazing quotes. We have covered some of the best positive quotes. You can learn from this list of best quotes and make your life positive

Best Positive Quotes About Life

1. Behavior Quotes

Resentment is like drinking Poison and Expecting other Person to Die… (Budha)

People Will Forget What You said,

They Will Forget What You Did,

People Will Never Forget,

How You Made Them to FEEL (Maya Angelou)

2. Thinking Quotes

I am not, what I think I am

& I am not, what you think I am

I am, what i think, You Think, I am” (Cooley)

3. Dream Quotes

Everyone Should become rich and Famous and Do everything to dreamed of, Just to see that it’s not the Answer” (Jim Carrey)

4. Decision-Making Quotes

So many of us choose our path out of fear DISGUISED as Practicality” (Jim Carrey)

When you are in your Head, You are Dead” (Tony Robbins)

5. Life Quotes

When you Truly want to Live, You Live!” (Tony Robbins)

Life is the name of a limited time period, Taste the Life!”

Time and Life are the best 2 teachers

Life Teaches us, the make good use of time

Time Teaches us, the Value of Time” (Jay Shetty)

Never Put your Life, in One Bucket” (Qasim Ali Shah)

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6. Time Quotes

Time is very slow to those who Want,

Very fast for those who scared,

Time is long who are sad,

Very Short to those who Celebrate,

For those who LOVE, Time is ETERNAL” (William Shakespeare)

Time Flies, But you are the Pilot” (Jay Shetty)

7. Achievement Quotes

You can Still achieve More, Just get grateful first” (Fearless Soul)

8. You Quotes

The quality of life is directly proportional to the conversation between You and You” (Tony Robbins)

9. Love Quotes

Love quality is #1 skill of Future” (Jack Ma)

10. Change Quotes

The Only Thing CONSTANT is CHANGE”

11. Dying Quotes

On the top 5 regrets of dying Bronnie Ware Quotes

Change Your Life, To be a Better One!

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