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Best Ways to Spend Your “Me-Time”

We all are guilty of ignoring our well-being and health. That, in turn, affects your performance in all spheres of life. Fixing some time and labeling it as ‘me-time’ each day is the least that you can do to make yourself feel rejuvenated, both physically


How to Make Money by Teaching English While Traveling

Some individuals like to visit different parts of the world on short trips while others love to visit and stay for a long time at places. The individuals falling in the latter group prefer to visit the countries known as the best places to teach


Make Big Changes With Small Steps

When we prepare our self for any change in our lives – lose some weight; get fit as a fiddle, we think about it to happen quickly. In any case, change requires significant time duration, and new propensities take a ton of training before they


Truth of the Life

Life is passing. It’s hard to catch the Time. Time is the race, a race between me and Life. Life is short but life’s (soul) is eternal. We have the right to agree or disagree, but what’s going to happen will happened. So there is

Small Change has a Big Impact

Small Change has a Big Impact

The body is weak but the soul is stronger and eternal hence not limited. Knowledge is power hence dangerous. Want of an individual can make him do unwanted actions which result in a downfall in their lives. Clear your life, Shift delete unwanted negative sources

Accept to be One Step Ahead

Acceptance Acceptance within makes you peaceful and appreciate knowledge. We must understand that every second we breathe should not be taken for granted and should be used in productivity. When one accepts its fault in front of others, This is a sign of a great

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11 Skills of Positive Life

Communications (King Skill) Decision Making (Learn to say Yes or No) Prioritization Love (Social Genius) (#1 Master Skill) Thinking (Work on Possibilities) Self Management (Self Pity) Resource Management (Time, Money, Humans etc) Information Management (Knowledge Direction) Learning (Grooming) Goal Oriented (Vision) Leadership Be Your Self,

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7 Buckets of Life

Life is full of responsibilities and curiosities. You cant spend the whole life in specific areas. We always need to fulfill our responsibilities in every area of life. Here are the top 7 buckets of life to consider Health Personality Social (Friends & Family) Career

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Top 6 Qualities of a Leader

A leader motivates people with great moral values. The leader leads from the front and a great leader encourage leaders. Here are the top 6 qualities of a leader.  Upright Focussed Struggle Honest Committed Sincere All you have to do is to get grateful first!