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Story on the Compound Effect

Double the Grains Once, there was a King. He was fond of playing Chess. He was impressed by the inventor of such an amazing game. As we know, Chess is a mind game and it is all about waiting for your turn to make a


Love And Kisses in a Box

There was a man once, Frustrated from his life. he had a daughter by the name of Annie. One day near the holidays the little girl Annie, Thought to surprise her dad with a gift. As finance was tied and the father was in tension


Story on Sympathy

Puppies for sale In a town close to Amsterdam, a puppy shop owner decides to put a sign ‘Puppies for Sale’ outside his store, knowing the kids who cross his shop will get interested to buy puppies. Later that afternoon a young boy comes to


Story on Being Grateful

The Girl who couldn’t see There lived a girl who was blind from birth. She hated herself because she was blind. However, she did have a loving boyfriend who took care of her and loved her dearly. She had told him, only if she could


Story on How to Control Your Anger

Self Control Long ago there lived a farmer in a village. He had a son who used to get angry all the time and was not able to control his emotions. The farmer father decides to teach his son a lesson to control his anger.

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Story On Helping Others

Move the Obstacle Long ago in a faraway kingdom, a wise king lived. He decides to offer set aside a part of his wealth and give it to someone who would be worthy within his kingdom. Without talking to his advisors he acts alone and

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Story of Struggle

The Struggles of a Butterfly An honest man lived with his wife who loved butterflies and 2 children in a village of Cambodia. Every day the man goes to a park near his house. One day as he was sitting in his normal routine, he

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A Story on the Honesty

A Pound of Cheese Lived a cheese maker in a village in the northeast of London in the middle ages. Every day a baker bought a pound of cheese from the cheese maker. For a few weeks, the baker started feeling that the cheesemaker has

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The Story of a Frog

Think Out of the Box A group of frogs was hopping around the jungle. It was a group of four frogs. While going through the jungle two frogs fell in a mud pit, the two frogs which were out and were looking down on at

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The Story Of an Elephant

Since childhood, I have been listening to Motivational stories which teach us great moral values. One of these stories was told to me by an entrepreneur in a conference in Dubai. The Elephant Rope A bag back traveler travels to a village in Africa for