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Story on Sympathy

Puppies for sale

In a town close to Amsterdam, a puppy shop owner decides to put a sign ‘Puppies for Sale’ outside his store, knowing the kids who cross his shop will get interested to buy puppies. Later that afternoon a young boy comes to the shop and asks about getting a puppy. The shop owner asks his assistant to bring out the puppies and show the kid and asked which one he likes. As the puppies cages opened all the pups came out and started playing around the store. the shop owner says to the kid, Choose which one do you like, Here the boy started seeing and noticing all the puppies. He realized that there was a puppy which was not playing around with the other pups. He approached that pup and saw the pup had an injury and was not have to walk.

The kid asked the store owner,’ What is wrong with that pup’?

The store owner says, this pup is having a leg issue and the doctor said he can never play around and jump like the other pups… So this pup would not be suitable for you, as you will not be able to play around with this pup like others.

The kid says I want that injured pup. How much would you sell it for?

The store owner said, If you like that pup, I will give you for free. If you want any other pup I will give you for 50$

here the kid points his fingers to him and says, I will get the injured dog and will pay 50$ as just because of his leg not working, The worth of the pup does not need to change. The kid then rolled up his pant and shows the store owner his leg, The kid was cripled and used a steel rod instead of his leg. Then he told the store owner.

Well, I don’t run my self that well. I hope the pup and I have a great understanding.

Moral of the story

One mans’ need is another mans’ poison. Always remember the worth of a person is known by the character the person posses. A lion never loses its sleep over the opinions of sheep, We must be orginal and be satisfied by our actions. We sometimes underestimate the value of what we have, or what we are about to receive. We should always be more caring towards the right person. Make up your mind, Don’t get diverted from the opinions of others and change your course. Evaluate and then execute. Life is a Gamble and us humans must try to make the world a better place.

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