The 5 Best Golf Valuables Pouches For Every Golfer’s Needs

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There are two types of golfers on the course. Players who use a golf valuables pouch and players who simply toss their stuff somewhere in their golf bag. Or even worse, put their stuff in the golf cart they rent.

The first type of player always knows where his valuables are and can trust they’ll stay safe. A golf valuables pouch protects your wallet, phone, keys, and watch.

The second type of player may experience some drama when they finish their round. Their phone and watch may be scratched or cracked and they might struggle to find their keys. What happens if you leave your wallet in the golf cart when you return it to the pro shop? You might never see it again!

We want to help you be the first type of player. The only stress in your day will be trying to hit the fairway. You don’t have to worry about your valuables getting damaged or lost when you use one of the best golf valuables pouches.

5 Best Golf Valuables Pouch In 2023

1. Sunday Golf Valuables Pouch

The Sunday Golf Nickel Bag is one of the best on the market. It’s designed to attach to the outside of your golf bag and will look great as it protects your phone, sunglasses, wallet, watch, and keys. You want a golf valuables pouch to be big enough to hold your stuff, but not bulky — Sunday Golf has achieved this goal.

The Nickel Bag is 6” x 8”, made from coated Polyester, and has waterproof zippers. It has two mesh pockets inside to help you organize your valuables. This product will instantly improve your “on course” experience. It’s available in 4 colors (our favorite is Midnight Green) and will cost you $34.99.

2. PING Golf Valuables Pouch

The PING Golf brand is probably best known for their putters and irons, but they offer a full suite of golf products. Their golf valuables pouch is an option worth considering.

It’s a bit larger than others on our list (10.25” H x 5.5” W) and is designed to go in the apparel pocket of your golf bag. It has a velour-lined interior and a divider to help you organize your valuables and keep them safe. The PING golf valuables pouch is constructed with 400D Nylon w/ white contrast polyester thread. It’s black, with a PING silicone molded micro patch, and costs $30.

3. PUMA Golf Valuables Pouch

The PUMA Golf version of a valuables pouch is a drawstring bag that could be attached to the outside of your bag, but most players would place it inside a pocket. It has a camo graphic print and a reflective Puma logo.

The dimensions of the pouch are L14 x W4 x H19.5 cm and it’s made with 100% polyester. The internal fleece lining will help keep your valuables safe, but there are no pockets or dividers to help you organize your stuff. The PUMA golf valuables pouch is economically priced at $12.99.

4. Titleist Professional Zippered Pouch

The next product on our list is the Titleist Professional Zippered Pouch. Titleist makes the most popular golf balls on the PGA Tour (Pro V1) and we like their version of a golf valuables pouch.

It’s constructed with a premium synthetic material that resembles leather. It has interior pockets and the dimensions are 7” x 9” x 5”. Titleist markets this product as customizable and as a great tee gift for a charity event or a member-guest. It’s all-black, with Titleist written in white, and will cost you $35.

5. TaylorMade Performance Valuables Pouch

The TaylorMade Performance Valuables Pouch is another example of a minimalist product (similar to the PUMA product above). It’s a small, drawstring bag that’ll allow you to store your valuables, but doesn’t provide as much protection as other options on our list.

It’s a black pouch, with the TaylorMade logo in gray. You place it inside the apparel pocket of your golf bag. The cost is $14.99.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Golf Valuables Pouch

Similar to most golf purchases, the right golf valuables pouch for you will depend on what’s important to you when you play. Here are the factors you should consider before making your selection.


When it comes to golf valuables pouches, size does matter. You want enough space to store all of your important items, but you don’t want it to be bulky. It really comes down to what valuables you want to bring to the golf course.

If you only have your wallet and car keys, you can get a small pouch, but if you typically bring your phone, watch, sunglasses, etc, you’ll need a bit more space in your pouch. Interior pockets and dividers will also help you better organize your valuables and keep them safe.


Pay attention to the material or materials used to construct the golf valuables pouch. There are two important factors to consider. Is it well-made or will it fall apart after a few rounds? Can it handle a little moisture?

You’ll frequently encounter rain, mist, or dew on the golf course and it helps if your valuables pouch provides some protection from the elements.


We know the saying, “The devil is in the details”, but when you’re shopping for a golf valuables pouch, it’s all about the features. How does it attach to your golf bag or does it need to go in a pocket? Does it have interior pockets or dividers? Does it have a zipper or a drawstring?

The answers to these questions will help you determine the best product for you. Personally, we prefer a golf valuables pouch that can attach to your bag, has interior pockets, and closes with a zipper.

Brand & Price

The brand of your golf valuables pouch is important and you always want to pay attention to the price. The good news is that a valuables pouch is a low-cost golf accessory, so you won’t need a payment plan regardless of the product you choose.


There are two styles of golf valuables pouches: Draw-string pouches and zipper-closure pouches. They both can work, but we prefer the zippers.

The word style can mean a couple of different things and we also think you should consider your personal style when you select any golf product. Pick a product that you’re proud to display on your bag or that looks great in your hands.

Keep Your Stuff Safe & Enjoy Your Round

When it comes down to it, a golf valuables pouch is all about “peace of mind.” When you play golf we want you to be focused on executing your golf swing and rolling in putts. We don’t want you to be distracted by questions like, “Where is my wallet?” or “I hope my phone is okay…”

Put your valuables away, enjoy your time on the golf course, and when your round is over, you know exactly where to find your wallet and car keys. This is the value of buying a golf valuables pouch! Good luck and play well.

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