The Story of a Frog

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Think Out of the Box

A group of frogs was hopping around the jungle. It was a group of four frogs. While going through the jungle two frogs fell in a mud pit, the two frogs which were out and were looking down on at them while arguing about them getting out. Both frogs which fell tried getting out of the mud pit by jumping, After several attempts, the two frogs which were outside and decide to tell them to accept their destiny and die in the mud pit, as they would never get out. While the argument started, one frog in the mud pit heard and gave up. The other kept trying.

After a while, the frog which kept trying eventually got out and gave prove on achieving obstacles which we kept trying. However, now the other 2 frogs asked the frog which came out, How did you make it out as it was impossible. The frog replied I am deaf, Hence I can’t hear you. But when you guys were talking about us, I thought you were motivating me.

Story Lesson

The deaf frog thought us a really valuable lesson. No matter what people say, train yourself to become deaf to negativity and stick to your vision. Once you have made peace with your thoughts and made yourself as a student of life, you are bound to succeed.

The Moral: Always ignore the hateful attitude of others, because it will be useless without our response.

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