6 Ways a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help Build Your Case

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While the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has imposed regulations meant to keep construction sites safer, accidents still happen.

Injured workers are left traumatized, often unable to work, and in financial ruin because of a construction site accident that could have been avoided. Many partners are experienced construction site accident attorneys who can help them regain control and seek financial damages for the unnecessary injuries they endured.

Too many skilled tradesmen and construction workers have been subjected to incomprehensible risk and terrible hazards because OSHA regulations have not been enforced. Partnering with a construction site accident lawyer who has extensive experience is the best way to protect your rights as a tradesman and seek the financial compensation you deserve for your tragic injuries.

Here are 6 ways a construction accident lawyer can help build your case.

They Include Broader Damages

Working with a construction site injury lawyer will ensure that all potential damages are included in your claim. They ensure that any lost future earning potential is included along with compensation for pain and suffering for the tragedy you’ve endured. Many times, a loss of consortium is justified but only an attorney can determine when family members may be eligible for damages due to a loss of your support and companionship.

They Mitigate Risk

Construction site insurance companies will use any means necessary to reduce your claim or deny it altogether. Many filing and paperwork requirements must be met for a claim to move forward. Working with an attorney who is well-versed in the laws regarding construction site injuries is the best way to protect the validity of your claim. They will ensure that all paperwork deadlines are met, along with requirements and notice guidelines, to preserve evidence and strengthen your case.

They Present Expert Witnesses

An experienced attorney will present multiple witnesses to support your claim. Most importantly, they will gather statements and present testimony from expert witnesses in the industry. Expert witnesses can testify and present very specific supporting evidence regarding the way an accident happened or could have been avoided with proper procedures and safety protocols.

They Gather and Present Demonstrative Evidence

Working with a construction site accident attorney is the best way to relay your story to a jury of your peers. As they build your case, they will focus on gathering demonstrative evidence that brings your story to life. Your attorney will utilize props such as models of scale that recreate specific conditions or digitally enhanced blueprints and aerial photographs that can illustrate circumstances in lifelike quality.

They Ensure You Get Proper Medical Care

The process of bringing a claim for construction site injury can be grueling and extensive. You’ll still need adequate medical care during the process. As your attorney is experienced in the industry, they will know where to send you for proper medical care and the extensive tests that may be required to search for additional injuries that may not be immediately apparent. It is critical to include all potential medical costs in your claim.

They Reduce Stress

Working with a construction site accident lawyer takes the stress off you. You are likely going through enough. Your attorney will fight for your rights so you can focus on the healing process and begin to rebuild your life after these traumatic injuries. Your attorney will handle the legal stuff.

Partner with an Experienced Construction Site Injury Attorney

If you’ve endured the senseless trauma of serious injury on a construction site, partner with an experienced attorney immediately. They will handle the legal aspects so you can focus on healing and rebuilding your life. Your experienced attorney will fight for your rights and maximize the value of your claim so you can recover the financial compensation you’re due after extensive construction site injuries. Don’t wait. Partner with the best construction site accident attorney immediately after receiving medical treatment for a construction site injury and get the process started today.

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