Paramount TV shows

The best Paramount TV shows to watch right now

7 min readParamount is one of the oldest movie studios in Hollywood, but they’ve only recently gotten into the TV business and have been killing it. They have several hit shows on their roster, and each is worth watching. Here are our picks for the

How to choose Mobile Network

How to Choose a Mobile Network?

4 min read5 things to consider before choosing a mobile network Unlike in the past, we now have various mobile network options to pick from. Every other mobile company has unique deals that compete, making it difficult for clients to select between them. Which company

Drawing Tablets For Art Students

6 Best Drawing Tablets For Art Students

7 min readBeing an artist means the freedom of choice in tools and ideas. You can use a paintbrush or clay, oil paint or gouache. You can create illustrations for publishing houses or sculptures for museums. Times change and new tools get added. Tools like

Reverse Phone Number Search

How To Do a Reverse Phone Number Search For Free

4 min readNothing is more frustrating than receiving a missed call from someone and having no clue who was trying to reach out. It could be a vital business lead, a telemarketer, or a long-lost friend…you won’t know unless you call back (and potentially get

How to Create Your Own Home Gym

How to Create Your Own Home Gym?

5 min readAfter a long day of work, it can be really exhausting to go to the gym and exercise. But what if you don’t have to? What if you have your own home gym available for you 24*7? Sounds exciting, right? So, let’s dig

Cinematography Essays

8 Cinematography Essays Students Have to Write

6 min readThe world of cinema is a fountain of topics for discussion. From the technological evolution of filmmaking to the concept of suspense in horror films. Yet, some of the topics are considered to be classical, especially for cinematography students. Writing a Film Review

Financial Planning

Importance of Learning Financial Planning

5 min readFor the better or worse, money has always been a fundamental part of human civilization. This is because it has always served its purpose, being something we humans have always worked towards. But just like earning money, managing it efficiently can also be