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Paid guest posts are accepted here with a permanent do-follow backlink. Write for us and submit your quality content now!

Write for us - Health Entertainment, Education, Travel, Lifestyle

Submit Paid Guest Post at email: admin@buhave.com

Please read mentioned content writing guidelines carefully.

Articles We Approve

  1. We only consider good quality, relevant and original content, please check your article for plagiarism.
  2. The normal Submissions for one of our blog sections should range between 700 to 1000 words.
  3. The feature articles generally start at around 1000 words.
  4. The only one Do follow link will be provided in the article.
  5. The article would be based on topics like writing an article on the Book Reviews, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Traveling, Education, HealthCareer Guide, Research, Social Issues, and Positive Thoughts.
  6. The article will be published 24-48 hours after submission.
  7. Please add internal links, images, and don’t forget to write a meta description of your content.
  8. Please add short sentences and short paragraphs. As Google likes short paragraphs.
  9. The questions starting with How, what, why in the subheadings would be appreciated.
  10. Avoid passive voice and include transition words.
  11. Write catchy and SEO-optimized Meta Title and Description.
  12. Include one featured image relevant to the post topic.

Articles We Don’t Approve

  1. Duplicate Content: The copied content from the internet and social platforms
  2. Preference will be given to original content, please check your article for plagiarism. Otherwise, we will not be publishing it.
  3. The article with a low word count.
  4. Templated content.
  5. Article with long paragraphs
  6. Keyword stuffed articles
  7. We don’t accept niches including Gambling, Casino, Porn, and Adult content.

-> If your article is ready for publishing then submit your Article now at email: admin@buhave.com

Payment method: PayPal and Payoneer both accepted.

Write for us opportunities

Here are the following categories to write for us.

  • Health write for us
  • Education write for us
  • Entertainment write for us
  • Lifestyle write for us
  • Travel write for us
  • Games write for us

– Submit only quality content for publishing at email: admin@buhave.com