About us

Buhave: Be You Have!

Started in 2019, Buhave.com believes in empowering the world with a positive approach. Our aim is to provide people with positive reading material which would help an individual to achieve their personal goals. We believe in bringing out the good in an individual and become a helping hand in making the world a better place. We wish to educate and add value in the lives of people so that, they could add value to the lives of others.

Buhave.com encourages its audience to enjoy a wide variety of empowering material which can be a useful tool in their personal, social and professional lives. We post positive material related to Success, and Achievements. Our Positive Message includes:

  • Positive Quotes
  • Positive Stories
  • Positive Advice
  • Positive Words
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Positive Manners

We are also creating video material for our audience on our YouTube Channel Buhave. Also, we are socially promoting our cause on our Facebook page Buhave.com.

Anyone, can keep in touch with us. We appreciate your reviews and feedback.


Be You Have, Be you are, Be Yourself, Keep it simple, Add Values. You, I and we will make the World Positive.


To encourage Positivity in the World.

About the Founder

Naveed Safdar is a blogger at Buhave.com. As the founder of this platform, he believes in equality and being yourself at what you believe. His passion is to educate the world on positive actions by seeing the similarities in others and not focusing on the differences. He loves to share positive thoughts and promotes positivity around the Globe. Professionally, he is a Blogger- SEO & Marketer – Researcher & Guest Blogger on different Platforms.

As a technology graduate, he served in reputed IT industries including Systems Limited. Currently, he is utilizing his SEO skills at PakWheels. In 2019, A non-profit organization named as Faith in Growth and Development (F.G.D) awarded him as a Brand Ambassador for supporting their positive cause.

Contact: Admin@buhave.com