How Can Electric Bikes Improve the Lives of College Students?

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With a number of health benefits, great flexibility, and an accessible price point, e-bikes are rising in popularity as an alternative means of transport throughout the world, and are particularly well-positioned for college students.

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways electric bikes can improve the lives of college students…

Health Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of e-bikes is that they can help to offset the sedentary lifestyle that many students lead, improving the overall state of their health.

Sitting in classrooms and studying for long hours can take a toll on the health of anyone, but e-bikes provide a great opportunity for students to incorporate physical activity into their busy calendars.

One 2022 study published in Frontiers found that people who ride e-bikes typically report riding longer distances on an e-bike than a conventional bicycle, and that regularly riding an e-bike “contributes significantly to the recommended 150 min per week with moderate physical activity”

Cost Benefits

E-bikes are a far more affordable transport solution than cars, cutting out the cost of fuel and insurance completely, and in some countries offering further savings on things like road tax.

E-bikes also require less maintenance compared to cars, with no need for regular oil changes or expensive repairs.

E-bikes also save students lot of time by avoiding traffic congestion, and making it easy to find parking on crowded college campuses.

These seemingly small efficiencies can add up quickly, giving students the flexibility to take on more hours of part-time work, or develop their personal profile to help their future careers.

Environmental Benefits

The ongoing climate emergency is a bigger concern than ever. This is especially true for students, who are among the most motivated to take action in order to reverse and prevent the effects of climate change.

E-bikes are an excellent transport option for environmentally conscious students, as they depend on a clean energy source compared to conventional vehicles, and give off no tailpipe emissions when in use.

To put things in perspective, one study by the British academic research body Creds found that the lifecycle gram-per-kilometer CO2 emissions of an e-bike averaged at about 22, roughly ten times less than a typical petrol car, which has lifetime emissions of 258 g/km.

Mesa Plus ST - A Versatile City Bike / All-Terrain Bike for Students

College students have a wide variety of options when it comes to buying an e-bike for the first time, but one of the best models on the ever-growing market is the Mesa Plus ST by Mokwheel Bikes.

This versatile e-bike is designed to handle various types of terrains, making it ideal for busy students who may need to navigate different routes around campus, through the streets of their city, or even along rugged nature trails during excursions.

The Mesa Plus ST features a 750W motor that provides plenty of power to tackle steep hills or rough trails, allowing students to travel effortlessly to their destinations.

The Mesa Plus ST bikes also accommodate for many customization options, allowing students to personalize their riding experience.

It comes with a large bike basket, providing ample space for books, groceries, or other essentials. The comfortable seat ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, even on longer commutes.

The Mesa Plus ST also offers the option to add electric accessories such as lights, fenders, and rear racks, so students can adjust its performance and capabilities to their unique needs.

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