How Rewording Tool Helps to Write a Unique Content?

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Unique content is a fundamental requirement if you want to be a successful content writer in 2023. There are many avenues of work that require writing in some shape and form.

Compound that with the fact that there is literally too much content out there, and you get to the current situation. The situation is that without unique content, you cannot hope to stand out from the masses and attract enough people to read your content.

Then (yes there is more) there is the issue of having to create a lot of content consistently. This creates the problem of having to create unique content every time with limited time for research and editing.

These are all problems that make it difficult to create content unique content reliably. We are here to present a solution, rewording tools. Let’s see how they can help.

What is Rewording Tool?

“Rewording tool” is just one of the many terms that are used for a paraphrasing tool. These are online tools that are usually powered by AI and they can rephrase/reword any given text in different ways.

So, how do they help in ensuring that your content is unique? Well, you should know first of all they cannot help you make your content unique by addressing all of its aspects. Uniqueness is governed by the following things:

  • Uniqueness of the information provided in the content
  • The sentence structure
  • The vocabulary used
  • The tone of the write-up
  • The formatting of the content

Out of these five aspects of uniqueness, reword tools can deal with three. Let’s see what the three are and how rewording tools address them.

How can Rewording Tool Assist in Making Unique Content

Given below are some ways in which rewording tools can help to make your content unique.

Changing the Words Used in the Write-up

The most straightforward method of ensuring that the content is unique is to change the words used in it. By using new and uncommon words that are powerful, but not too difficult to understand, a writer can make their content unique.

So, how does a rewording tool come into the picture? Well, a writer can simply input the content that needs to be reworded into a paraphrasing tool. Just take a look at the following image to get an idea of how rewording tools alter any given text.

We have used some content from our previous articles for this demonstration and any subsequent demonstrations in this article. And, yes, we’re going to use Rewording Tool for this demo since it’s a reliable and free tool. You can, of course, pick any tool that you like.

In the screenshot, you can see that the output (right side) has some words written in bold. These are the new words that have been added by the rewording tool. You can see that the words used by the tool are quite unique and not commonly used.

However, they are not so difficult that a reader with some reasonable skills cannot understand them. With just a little bit of touching up, this text will be good to use professionally.

Altering Phrases and Sentence Structure

Rewording tools can also change phrases in a given text (in addition to words). Simply changing the words is sometimes not enough to make the content unique. So writers need to change phrases in addition to words to bring about a more qualitative change.

Phrasal changes can also sometimes result in a change in sentence structure. Sentence structure is basically the way in which different parts of the sentence come together to form a cohesive statement.

Sentence structure mostly matters in compound sentences and complex sentences.

Changing it without altering the meaning can significantly change the look of a write-up. So, you can use a reword tool for making these changes all across your content. Here, you can see how it works in the image below.

This time, we will be using reworder from, instead of the one we did previously. We want to basically show that the changes we’re talking about aren’t restricted to a particular tool. Rather, you can get them if you pick any good-quality one.

You can see how the phrase changes have made the content look different than the original. So, utilizing a paraphrasing tool can help you to save time while simultaneously making the content unique.

Changing the Tone of the Write-up

Finally, a rewording tool can help you to make your content unique by shifting its tone. The tone of a write-up can make it seem very different to the reader. If you simply change the tone from a casual and enthusiastic one to a formal and dignified tone it will seem like a different article.

Like with the other changes we’ve described above, here is an image to show just how you can change the tone of your write-up. For this demonstration, we will be using professional mode of Because it provides free different modes and provides high-quality content output that you can find online.

You can see in the image that the sample content has had its tone shifted to a formal one. And although there haven’t been that many changes with respect to the number of words/phrases, the difference is still very prominent.

If you do feel that this technique alone is not good enough to make your content unique you can combine it with other techniques. This will help you to ensure that your content is truly unique.


So, what have we learned from this article? Simply put, we learned that a rewording tool can only help to make the content unique by changing its syntax. They can alter the vocabulary used in the write-up, they can alter the phrases and sentence structure and they can also alter the tone.

All of these are physical aspects of writing. Rewording tools cannot help with providing unique information or citations and references. Those are the things that a writer needs to care for themselves. And that concludes this article on how rewording tools help to create unique content.

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