How To Find App Developer For Your Startup In Five Easy Steps

How To Find App Developer For Your Startup In Five Easy Steps
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Starting out is never easy, and if you are on a "find app developer for startup mission," you've probably felt frustrated more than once. If you're a small company, you'll have to compete for talent with the biggest and best businesses in the world (not just Silicon Valley). Don't worry, though; we've compiled a “how to find software developer for startup 101” guide.

The Find App Developer For Startup(s) Guide

When you are on a mission to find web developers for startups, it’s important to understand why a web developer might (or might not) want to work with you and your company. Many companies make the mistake of believing that you need to offer a more lucrative salary than your competitors to draw in the talent you’d like. Compensation is very important when hiring software developers for startup businesses, but it’s not the only factor.

If you want to know how to find developers for startup businesses, you have to dig deeper. Many of the most successful tech projects in the world (like Dropbox and Skype) were built by volunteers who simply enjoyed the challenge and fulfillment of the projects they were offered.

1. Have a Clear Vision in Place

Are you able to grab the imagination of your future employees? People are more motivated if they know the cause they are working for. Make sure that you understand the pain points you are addressing and the problems you're solving for the customers you hope to serve. You don't have to change the world, just a small portion of it.

Start your job adverts with your mission and vision statement, e.g., "We want to disrupt the way small businesses manage their accounts," or "We want to remove the obstacles that eCommerce businesses face when it comes to AI." Inspiring others shouldn't just be part of your marketing efforts - it's an important part of recruitment too.

2. Share the Success

Many developers are looking beyond traditional compensation packages these days. Many developers made their fortunes by sharing in the profits of the startups they joined before the companies went public. Consider offering shares in your business as part of the compensation package. You don’t want to give away too much control, but giving a few stock options to the right people might be the hook you need.

3. Look For Visionaries

Sometimes a startup asks their teams to take a leap of faith and believe in their business. Not every personality will be suited to this way of thinking, so look a little wider than recruitment sites and resumes. Who are the thought leaders you’ve spotted on forums or Medium? What are they interested in solving? Approach a few of the vocal advocates who believe in your vision - don’t wait for them to apply to job ads.

4. Share Your Opinions

This also relates to our next point: sharing your opinions. Don’t just observe Reddit or read articles on Medium/LinkedIn. Share your own opinions online. You can write opinion pieces, invite commentary, join webinars or make vlogs about your business. Invite others to argue or disagree with you. You’ll not only promote your business idea but meet interesting developers who are willing to take risks with you.

5. Use the Right Sites/Agencies

If you are still wondering how to find a developer for your startup, you might want to start looking in different areas. Don't just stick to the usual websites or even the usual geographies. Offshoring or hiring freelancers to fill talent gaps is becoming more commonplace. You'll not only gain access to some of the best talents in the world, but you'll also save money!

Developers in Ukraine, Belarus, China, India, and South America are much cheaper than developers in the US or UK but just as qualified. Finally - don't forget to ask around! Ask your network and current employees for referrals, or offer referral bonuses to employees to incentivize them to do the talent searching on your behalf!


If you are still wondering how to find an app developer for startup businesses, you need to start changing your approach. Finding a good developer isn’t just about offering the most money or the best benefits. It’s also about achieving buy-in from future employees and looking outside the box.

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