8 Cinematography Essays Students Have to Write

Cinematography Essays
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The world of cinema is a fountain of topics for discussion. From the technological evolution of filmmaking to the concept of suspense in horror films. Yet, some of the topics are considered to be classical, especially for cinematography students.

Writing a Film Review or a Free Composition

One of the most popular tasks for college students is writing an opinion essay. You can always address professional essay writers from EssayPro for a competent review. But there are lots of interesting topics with room for creativity apart from opinion essays.

How can you pick a good topic if the variety of films and ideas is so wide? We cannot give you a ready-made solution. But we suggest you follow the below-listed tips:

  • write out your favorite films and filmmakers
  • focus on a specific historical period
  • choose a film genre
  • research different ideas
  • come up with a specific topic
  • narrow down your focus

You will find all these suggestions useful if your task is a free composition. But there are many classical themes. And you are certain to write an essay on one of these topics as a cinematography student.

FAT - Frequently Assigned Topics

Before you get down to researching one of these topics, we recommend visiting a couple of educational websites for inspiration. And off you go!

1- The Relationship Between Cinema and Literature

This relationship has always been closely intertwined. There is no denying the fact that the majority of great films are based on outstanding novels. What is better: a movie or a book? Can we take up the responsibility to judge?

Most people vote for books in these ‘competitions.’ The reason is obvious. They believe that their imagination creates a better picture than the director of a movie. That does not sound fair and unbiased. Besides, if you are honest with yourself, how many times have you discovered the book after watching the film based on its plot?

2- Hollywood VS Bollywood

Both picture industries are paramount. And each of them has millions of admirers. But they are different in many ways too. Apart from the main language of production (English VS Hindi), there is a big discrepancy between genres. Hollywood distinguishes between horror, comedy, romance, drama, etc. Bollywood movies are a mixture of them all.

3- Charlie Chaplin and the Silent Movie Era

The silent movie era has an immediate association with Charlie Chaplin. He was not only a great comedy actor, mime, and clown. Hollywood cinema was lucky to have a talented director, composer, and musician. The diverse personality of Charlie Chaplin inspired thousands of essays and essay writing orders. And a lot of them are yet to be written.

4- The Art of Sound Design in Movie

It is called foley, and it deserves the title of art. It is the process of creating sounds that mimic sounds in your film. The sound of the weapon buzzing is achieved by setting the voice artist’s teeth on edge. Creating ambient noise is a separate thing. It makes the other sounds in the scene realistic. And, of course, music. Every movie needs it's own ‘My heart will go on, with lyrics or instrumental.

The Art of Sound Design in Movie

5- Multiple Actors Playing a Single Character

If we only take Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, the list of actors who played these characters will have 15 names. From John Barrymore to Benedict Cumberbatch. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.

These are usually inspiring characters. And each director wants to show their vision with a different cast. Sometimes it is also a necessary actor replacement for tragic reasons. For instance, Richard Harris played Albus Dumbledore, and he was a perfect fit. Unfortunately, he passed away, and Michael Gambon played the role in the remaining parts.

Whatever the reasons are, multiple actors playing the same character are perfect material for research. There are so many factors to analyze. Make notes before you get carried away by your investigation.

6- Walt Disney and the Psychological Lessons in His Movies

We all know cartoons are not designed exactly for kids. Here are some meaningful messages are hidden infamous Walt Disney movies:

  • No matter how difficult life gets, just keep swimming.
  • Embrace who you truly are.
  • It’s never too late for an adventure.

Have you recognized Finding Nemo, Frozen, and Up? It means writing an essay on this topic will be a piece of cake for you.

7- Three-Act Structure Storytelling

Now, since we’ve tackled the topic of lesson-teaching cartoons, we cannot but mention the three-act structure. Setup, the Confrontation, and the Resolution. Why does this structure serve as the basis for almost all Hollywood films? The main character faces an obstacle. They overcome it and become a better version of themselves. This simple recipe helps to keep the story full of suspense and tension.

As a cinematography student, you would probably have to dig deeper in theory. You can investigate the art of creating cliff-hangers. Or research how different directors experiment with rising and falling action.

Basic knowledge stays the same - this is one of the most popular modern education myths. Of course, no one can change the universal laws or truths. But you can definitely bring your vision to any subject, including the three-act structure storytelling.

8- Watching Movies at Cinemas and at Home

Why not end the article on a very light note? A simple question, yet a controversial one. Some people are home birds; others are party animals. But this is the tip of the iceberg. It all starts with the reasons for one to watch a movie. And only then does it come to the location. This simple topic has many aspects to reflect on.

Watching Movies at Cinemas and at Home

And So on and So forth

The Impact of Films on Modern Society. Comics and Superheroes in Cinematography. The Ethics of Animal Training in Movies about Pets. All these topics are peeling the first layer of the onion. The world of movies is a goldmine. You are a digger.

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