4 Most Popular Types of Lateral File Cabinets

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With an office either at the workplace, or home office, comes a need for storage. For keeping your important documents safely stored, yet accessible there are several options available to fit your needs. File cabinets are one of the easier and most common ways to store documents.

Lateral file cabinets are a good choice for many office applications as well as home record keeping. There are a multitude of materials and styles to choose from with one sure to fit your needs.

Below are four of the most popular types of locking lateral file cabinet choices.

1. Double Lateral

A double lateral filing cabinet is a side by side arrangement that most often consists of four drawers with two drawers on the bottom, and two drawers on top. Double lateral filing cabinets are capable of holding a significant amount of files while still remaining stable, unlike stacked traditional cabinets that can quickly become top heavy and topple over creating a potential hazard.

2. Open Top Lateral

If you are working with a large amount of open orders an open top lateral cabinet may be best for your office. Keeping an open top lateral filing cabinet allows you to access and work with open orders from hanging file folders until those orders are closed out and filed away in a closed storage system. Open top lateral filing cabinets are a singular level typically at chair height making it easy to view and retrieve files easily.

3. Combo Lateral

For an office with multiple file types and sizes, consider shopping for a combo lateral filing cabinet. A combo unit often has the ability to store both legal as well as standard file sizes making it easy to keep your records organized and all in one place. Along with both standard and legal sizing the cabinet usually offers at least one, or more small drawers to keep additional supplies making this a versatile file storage cabinet for small spaces.

4. Lateral With Hutch

A lateral filing cabinet with a built in hutch atop creates a very functional office space to store your important documents. Most often with two drawer lateral filing cabinets underneath, this unit sports a hand hutch top turning it into a functional piece of office furniture capable of holding all manner of books and accessories in a stylish manner. This piece of furniture is great for large and small offices alike by taking advantage of vertical space leaving more floor space for other use.

Stylish Functionality

When shopping for office furniture, consider adding a lateral filing cabinet in some form from the popular options listed above. Most cabinets will have matching pieces such as desks and storage units available to match making your office not only functional, but stylish as well. Well made cabinets will have locking drawers for peace of mind and security. For ease of use, choose a cabinet with locking wheels or foot glides if moving your files often from desk to desk is necessary.

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