5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

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Accidents can occur anytime, anywhere. Since one cannot be cautious all the time, it is vital to have thorough knowledge about one’s rights and obligations.

New York reports roughly 8,000 fatalities each year due to injury. Approximately 155,000 people needed to visit a hospital to get their injuries treated. These numbers show how serious accidents are in New York.

In personal injury cases, there are some errors people usually make due to a lack of awareness and knowledge. This is why victims should consult New York personal injury attorneys. They can make everything easier by helping you identify the damages you can recover and calculate their monetary value.

Let’s explore the common mistakes that can derail your claims in detail:

Not Contacting the Police

When an accident happens, the first thing one must do is inform the police. You might be shocked and pumped up due to the effects of adrenaline, but approaching the authorities is imperative.

In the absence of a police report, the case is open to perception. At the accident location, the at-fault individual may accept their wrongdoing. But if there is no official narrative, they may go back on their word.

Not Reading the Documents

Reading the papers is paramount before signing them. Accepting compensation and confirming a release may seem like the right thing to do after the mishap. But once you sign the documents and accept the offer, you lose the right to go back on it. Moreover, it is too early to understand the scope of your damages. So you may agree to a smaller amount. But if you have an experienced lawyer within reach, they can correctly guide you.

Not Consulting the Doctor

If the injuries are serious, consult a medical professional. You might have subtle discomfort and think it will disappear in a few days. But if it does not, you will lose the lawsuit. The at-fault party’s insurance company may claim the accident wasn’t serious enough to cause an injury, and hence, the victim doesn’t deserve the compensation they requested.

Visit the doctor right after the accident and complete the treatment, as non-compliance can be an advantage to the at-fault party.

Giving Recorded Information

The at-fault party’s insurance company may contact you and document your statements. These firms try to settle the claim for less or reject it. So, you must be cautious of your words, as insurance adjusters can use them against you.

A personal injury lawyer can give you a heads-up about such chances and teach you how to handle them without landing in trouble.

Sharing on Social Media

Anything you share on social media is public data that anyone can access, even the insurance firm. Such information can hamper your probability of receiving a fair settlement. For instance, if you claim an arm injury but have posted a picture of driving a car, it can weaken your case, irrespective of when you clicked it, as there is nothing to prove.

Hopefully, this article has given you a fair idea of the ins and outs of personal damage lawsuits. Hire a lawyer to get through the challenges of a personal injury claim.

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