5 Ways To Make Some Extra Cash

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With the majority of people experiencing money troubles right now, it’s time to start thinking about making some extra cash on the side of your 9-5. Hold back from stressing about how you’re going to pay your bills and instead check out our list of extra money makers below, so you can provide for yourself and your family this fall.

Sell Your Clothes

You may be sitting on a small fortune, just by ransacking your closet. Have a big clearout and make three piles. One to keep, one to donate, and one to sell. Aim for your sell pile to have higher-value items if you want to make some real cash. Make sure all of the items are in a good condition and you’ll get a better price. Remember, if you wouldn’t buy it then it’s probably not sellable. Once you’ve sold your items make sure you use a reliable delivery service. If you’re located in Hollywood then search courier service Los Angeles to find one in your area.

Become A Tutor

Do you have a skill that others may find valuable? If so, can you become a tutor, either in person or online. Language tutors are always highly sought after, so if you are fluent in several languages you could pass on your knowledge for a fee. If it’s around exam season then math, science, and English tutors are often needed for high schoolers gearing up for college exams. If you’re a tech whiz then you could definitely lend your skills to budding coders and web developers who are looking to train in new areas. Whatever you specialize in, you will be able to offer your expertise to help someone else and get paid to teach.

Take Part In Online Surveys

If you have plenty of spare time then it’s worth signing up for online survey sites, where you can take several per day for cash or vouchers. While you won’t make a million in a day, it’s a relatively straightforward way to raise some extra dollars, particularly if you’re between jobs and need something to fill your day.

Become A Driver

If you have a halfway decent car, you could become a driver for a car service such as Uber, Lyft, or Bolt. So long as your driver's license is up to date and your car is clean, safe, and road-worthy then you’ll be able to sign up if the company is functioning in your area. It’s a flexible gig that you can fit around other work or family commitments and you could end up meeting a ton of interesting people.

Become A Pet Sitter

If you love animals and dream of being surrounded by fluff balls all day, why not become a pet sitter? All you need is a couple of regular clients and you can make some pretty good money on the side. If you work from home you can even do both at once, so long as you’re able to provide proper pet care. Just check with your state’s regulations as you may need a license.

Selling Used Electronics

If you need extra cash, selling old electronics is a great option. With so many people constantly looking for a new phone, tablet, tv, or even computer, it won't be hard to find someone willing to part with their old device. In addition to the money you'll get for your old electronics, you'll also be doing something good for someone else. From a business perspective, selling used electronics is more environmentally friendly than manufacturing new ones.

Which of these money makers will you be trying? Share in the comments or let us know your own!

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