Best Places to Buy a Home with a Pool in Scottsdale

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Summers in Scottsdale, Arizona, are oppressing. Unless you have some means of cooling off, you're in for a hard time. And what better way to cool off during the hot months than going for a swim?

But swimming in public pools is often inconvenient. You cannot take the water's quality for granted, and even the slightest bacterial infection could make you quite ill. The best alternative is to buy a house with an inbuilt pool.

And that is why almost 62% of homes in Scottsdale have exclusive swimming facilities. Most buyers prefer homes for sale with a pool in Scottsdale, AZ, for the reasons mentioned above.

Having a pool also increases the property's value, which you should consider seriously as an investor. Houses with pools in Scottsdale have an average value increase of 5,000 USD to 25,000 USD. According to housing analysts, appraisers can add about 50% to the total value.

But which places are most suitable for this purpose? And what are some things you should know before buying one? Get the answers below.

Best Places for Homes with Pools

North Scottsdale

The neighborhood of North Scottsdale is prosperous, home to refined spas, wine bars, chic boutiques, and shopping plazas. To its west is the Scottsdale Road, Cactus Road in the South, Pinnacle Peak to the North, and McDowell Mountain Regional Park in the East.

Most buyers prefer buying homes with pools in North Scottsdale because of its fabulous views of the McDowell Mountains, whose magnificent views greet you as you enjoy a swim.

Some of the best communities with private pools in this neighborhood are Scottsdale Mountain, McDowell Mountain Ranch, and Greenbrier East.

Old Town Scottsdale

Once known locally as Downtown Scottsdale, it is popularly referred to by locals as Old Town Scottsdale. It includes the areas of Civic Center Park, Library, Fashion Square Mall, Museum of the West, and several restaurants and shops.

The two subdivisions whose homes have the most pools are the New Papago Parkway and Inmar Terrace. The homes in these localities are newly modeled with beautifully landscaped yards, and a pool sits well with the architecture.

Things to Know Before Having a Pool

Before you decide to buy a house with an exclusive swimming facility, these are some things you should know.

Cost of Maintenance

According to the Scottsdale Government's rules, homeowners are responsible for keeping their pools clean, functional, and algae-free.

Calling a professional cleaner will cost you between 100 USD to 125 USD a month, with the prices going higher depending on the chemicals used in the cleaning process.

Rules to be Followed

The Government also has specific Building Codes that all pool owners must follow. For example, all pools with an excavation depth of six feet horizontally and three feet in depth should have a protective barrier enclosing them. The fence could be a five-foot wall or any other material that serves as an effective barrier.

The Government of Scottsdale also prohibits homeowners from having a swimming facility within two feet of the property line.

Things to Check Beforehand

Before buying a home, you should check if the pool is in good working condition, for example, by having a pool inspection. You should also ensure that the fence works properly, as replacing it later could cost you plenty of money.

The best way to look for homes for sale with pool in Scottsdale AZ, is through a professional real estate agent. They will help you find one according to your requirements and those in the neighborhood mentioned above.

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