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When we think of the star garment, the one that everyone has in their wardrobe, the one you most like to wear at all hours... the vast majority would think of a mini dress without a doubt. And there is no self-respecting women's clothing store, in which there is not a dress section.

Buying women mini dresses is becoming more and more popular, but of course, it does not surprise us, because dresses are something incredible. There is so much variety and so many different styles that everyone can look good on.

It is only necessary to find your style, that cut that highlights your shape and your body. So do not hesitate to take a look at our online dresses section because you will surely find that dress that you will not want to stop wearing.

Fashion dresses: 

Also, if you have a special event, you cannot miss evening dresses, summer dresses, or any other type of dress to always have the latest fashion for every occasion.

Cheap Dresses Online: 

On Solado, you will be able to find the best cheap dresses online that you could wish for. We have all types:

  • Cheap party dresses
  • Cheap long dresses
  • Cheap short dresses
  • Cheap wedding dresses
  • Etcetera…….

Dresses: Say hello to the fabulous and modern designs:

Dress-like long sleeves going out tops are essential garments that every woman should have in her closet. They are easy to combine, they come in different sizes, designs or colors and you can wear them any day of the year to look really beautiful.

If it's cold you can put on your casual dress with wool socks that cover your legs from the wind or a pair of knee-high boots with which you feel comfortable.

For hot days, wear short fashion dresses that highlight your figure, look for the material to be elastic and allow your skin to breathe, and choose cotton, polyester, silk, or another type of light fabric with which you feel cool.

With what criteria should I choose my dresses?

Define what type of garment you want to wear depending on your tastes or the need you have. Look for a beach dress with which you can attend an event on the coast, a semi-formal model to go to the office to work, a more casual one with which you feel comfortable, or for the weekend when doing your errands or shopping.

You will find clothing for specific or special occasions for sale! This is how you will have the possibility of buying dresses for degrees, weddings, awards, and even corporate events.

Look for striking evening dresses, which have sequins, metallic or shiny decorations, and deep necklines in the back or chest, and add accessories such as high heels, a leather bag, or designer jewelry, choose necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and other accessories that make your outfit the best of the event.

You should keep in mind that casual dresses are simpler and can be combined with other types of accessories, choose comfortable tennis shoes, a jean or a leather jacket, and your favorite backpack. Get a belt that fits your waist and enjoy a sensational look emphasizing your silhouette!

Choose neutral colors to look perfect in various events!

A curved hem mini dress will be the perfect allies to look presentable at any meeting. Get a discreet model in a tube or rectangular shape and use it at your son's school reunions, at your nephew's baptism, a business meeting at work, or a university presentation.

A cocktail dress will be appropriate for your company's New Year's Eve party. Choose a color that stands out with your skin tone and look for the design to have side openings so that you can walk comfortably. You will look taller, slimmer, elegant, and sophisticated!

Visit and enjoy making your purchases in a simple and fast way. Acquire fabulous dresses for graduation, marriage, or the office or the beach. We have a wide catalog where you will find designs from various types at clearance prices.

Take advantage of the day's deals and exclusive discounts on transactions made from your cell phone! Don't miss to check out the entire collection at and take advantage of our low prices on our all collection.

Dilemma: Short dress or Long dress?

Short dress, long dress… between the two your heart swings? It's normal! The long dress has established itself in recent years and has invaded the shelves of our stores. And you would be wrong to believe that it only fits tall women!

Even the smallest of us can be elegant in a long dress. Strapless dress with a flowing petticoat for a cocktail party or long evening dress in sober or flashy colors, designers compete in creativity to add to their collection, the long dress that we love.

The short dress has many advantages. Practical, it can be worn in summer and winter. Pink or black, in lace or linen, flared or tight, shirt dress or ruffled dress, dress with or without sleeves… there is only the embarrassment of choice on our website Wise look or sexy outfit, everything is possible in a mini-dress!
So long dress or short dress? We maintain that both have their place in a woman's dressing room.

Low-cost dresses at

The knit open-back dress is the feminine garment par excellence! From the very chic little black dress to the sexy red dress, there is only one step that you will skip or not! So plain, printed, ruffled, evening or cocktail… the hardest part is choosing!

At, we have a large number of dresses on sale with which you can complete your dressing room to be fashionable. Do not forget to visit all the models that we have since we are sure that you will love them and they will fit perfectly with your needs for any type of occasion.

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