Elation EMR Software FAQs

Elation EMR Software FAQs
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What are the top features of Elation EMR?

Patient Retention

Its main aim is to attract patients' attention so that clinical outreach can be expanded by expanding the client base. It's not easy to keep patients, but this vendor makes it simple. It improves patient retention by reducing wait times and streamlining tasks such as check-ins. As a result, scheduling appointments becomes easier. It also has a fully functional patient portal for easy communication. It also ensures that treatment plans are clear, giving patients confidence in healthcare services.


The ElationEMR telehealth capabilities are the final feature we'd like to discuss. For its HIPAA-compliant video coaching sessions, Zoom is used. This feature could be built right into your EHR, eradicating the requirement for a different system for online consultations. This innovation also catches all of the data that clients will require for their virtual care consultations if they are alone in groups. It also reduces coding and paperwork, making digital medical billing and payments easier. Overall, this is one of the most helpful Elation EMR system features.


Elation Health EMR's Charting tool has a catalog of ready-to-use templates. The templates are customized to your single or multi-specialty practice's specific needs and assist you in abiding by key legislative and coding laws to capture client visits more accurately and efficiently while lowering rejections. Reducing the amount of time you spend charting is a good idea. Request and receive tests, receive clinical decision support, view specific medical warnings, administer medications, and gain timely and effective access to critical patient data.

To complete these tasks, you don't need to swap between tabs; everything you require is right in your medical sector. Elation, an EHR charting tool, records the patient visit and initiates the billing process. Practice EHR allows you to complete two activities at once, unlike other charting possibilities that are different from the billing procedure. The medical template can be configured to automatically begin filling out the encounter form, enabling the visit to be invoiced. It saves you time while also ensuring that the client contact is properly recorded and paid for when you use this.

Patient Portal

Customers prefer Elation's client site because of its many features. Clients and clinicians can interact in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner, as per Elation Health EMR evaluations. It also stores a client's medical history, drug reactions, vaccinations, test results, diagnostic tests, and other pertinent information.

Clients can get the information they need safely over the internet. With this simple client interface, you can make appointments, get prescription refills, pay bills, and view statements. This prevents workplace disruptions while also saving money and time for your employees.

Clients do not need to meet with practitioners during office hours to discuss their concerns. As long as they have a connection to the internet, they can use the Cloud-Based EMR Software features from any location and at any time. Clinicians can use the client portal to encourage client interaction.

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Furthermore, the program provides robust adapters for different well-known services, like email providers, and social networks.

What do users have to say about Elation EHR?

Most of the Elation EHR reviews have been quite positive. The average rating of Elation EHR reviews is 4.3 stars!

What can we know about Elation EHR pricing plans?

The Direct Care plan costs $349 per month for a monthly subscription and $275 per month for a yearly membership. An annual subscription to the Insurance plan costs $315 per month, while a monthly subscription costs $399 per month.

They also have a business package that allows practitioners to get customized pricing based on their specific needs and goals.

What is a good alternative for Elation EMR?

If you want an Elation EHR substitute, you can check out Meditech EHR. Meditech EMR is a great EHR software solution with similar features to Elation EHR. You can schedule a Meditech system demo to know more about it!

Does the software offer a free trial or demo?

Yes, you can schedule an Elation EHR demo for free. The software also offers a free trial.

What do I need to get started with the Elation Passport?

Elation Passport is available on any device with a web browser and internet access (like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). This means that any tablet, phone, desktop, or laptop, regardless of whether it's made by Apple or Microsoft, will work. Elation Passport is not optimized for some older web applications, and as a result, it may not render properly on those browsers. See which browsers Elation Passport is compatible with. For security reasons, the signup process presently requires a valid email address and a smartphone that can receive text messages.

What exactly is the Elation Passport?

Your Elation Passport is a new service that allows you to communicate with your doctor's office in between visits, storing all of your visit takeaways, lab tests, and suggested healthcare steps in one place. You can also obtain all of your clinical information, such as allergies and medications, to utilize as a reference and communicate with your other medical providers.

How can I give another doctor access to my medical records?

You can print your medical profile as well as any documents shared with you by your doctor. You can also fax your medical profile directly from your phone or computer if you have the fax number for the other doctor. This can provide access to your drug reactions and significant health information to the clinician caring for you quickly, especially in an emergency situation.

How long is each Patient's Passport login session?

Each login session is active until the user logs out or there has been no activity for two hours. After two hours of inactivity, the user's account will be automatically logged out, and they will be rerouted to the start screen and asked to log in again. Please keep in mind that typing a msg does not count as an activity.

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