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Education has become one of the most luxurious assets you can possess right now. Fortunately, the Internet has given access to cheaper ways to gather knowledge - like Coursera, Edx, and Udemy. In this article, we will show you how to create an online education website like Udemy. To build a website like Udemy is not impossible - in fact, you can do it with a few quick steps.

What's e-learning?

Before you create a website like Udemy, you need to know what that e-learning is. Online learning is the perfect tool for anyone interested in bridging the gap between their education and their career. While universities are starting to provide courses online, a wide variety of providers offer courses in subjects like IT, personal development, and business.

Furthermore, you can find special offers to make these learning opportunities even more affordable with a Udemy coupon code.

These courses can be completed from anywhere — many don't require travel or accommodation and can be completed at your own pace.

How to create an online education website like Udemy?

To start off, you may want to create a website like Coursera. That's fine. All online learning platforms are made similarly, so it would not be a problem to create a website like Edx and Coursera.

Let's see some tips and tricks on how to create a Udemy-like website.

Tip #1: Choose your business model carefully

Choosing your business model is the cornerstone of your online learning platform. Different models will affect what and how you can offer to students — from subject integration to instructor and student support to price point. Another important consideration is how you will deliver content to students — do you want them to access content on their own, or do you want to offer a cloud-based LMS? One of the best things is you can make money in many different ways, like:

  • Paid Courses
  • Subscription model
  • Affiliate model

Tip #2: Choose your target audience

Companies turn to e-learning software for a lot of reasons. Whether you want to increase employee engagement and productivity, motivate more efficient training processes, or reduce operational costs- you can find an LMS solution for each one of these goals. In order to meet your customers' needs, you need to first figure out who they are and what they're looking for from your product. From there, you can create a solution that provides for those needs. You should have enough time before you choose the right target market.

Tip #3: Evaluate potential competitors

You shouldn't underestimate the competition. Huge online learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera are already well-established, while smaller startups like NuVarsity and SkillBubble are looking to take their place. How will your LMS stand out from the crowd? An excellent way to stand out is to carefully define your target audience and what sets you apart from other LMSs — like unique features, a happy team of professionals, or a distinct management style.

Tip #4: Make the platform publisher-friendly

No matter how you wish to attract customers, what makes top learning management systems (LMSs) valuable is the number of contributors. You should provide potential partners with value. Will they get a fair share of their efforts? How much can they earn? Is there a way to get paid upfront? Can they scale? These are some questions you need to answer in advance. Customers don't like scarcity — the more choice they have, the better. Thus, you need to satisfy their needs and invite more publishers.

Tip #5: Make the platform affordable

Affordability is what makes these platforms great. People want access to practical information they could get in university, but financial difficulties strain many. If you charge a lot, you will send your competition a whole load of paying customers that you could otherwise access. Udemy has made a lot of money through discounted courses, while Coursera has benefitted from freebies. Give customers something, and they will return you the favor.


Learning how to create an online education website like Udemy is not that hard. Many people have achieved that goal. The things which are crucial and that separate successful and failing businesses are how well you treat your publishers and customers and how well you can read the market and find a proper audience for your lecturers.

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