How to Buy Soap Making Supplies?

How to Buy Soap Making Supplies
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Soap-making could be a hobby for some or a profession for others. Whatever it may be, having to make soap would require you some bare essentials and soap supplies that would help you to create beautiful and aromatic soaps effortlessly.

Being a soap producer, you need soap molds, sodium hydroxide, oils such as coconut or almond, natural or artificial fragrances, and lye. Apart from this, some permanent requirements include a cooker, blender, and a mixing kettle.

Wondering where to buy these products from? Well, you do not have to have trouble thinking that because here, I am going to let you know of the places and platforms wherein you can buy soap supplies efficiently and painlessly.

Where to Buy Soap Making Supplies?

Buying soap supplies in the UK could have been bothersome had I not known of some places that assisted me in my soap-making process. Hence, I thought of acknowledging people in the same areas to get your work quickly done!

1) The Soap Kitchen

It is a one-stop shop for getting most of the necessary raw materials that you need for a soap manufacturer. The Soap Kitchen provides you with supplies such as sodium hydroxide, different kinds of essential oils, and fragrant oils.

Although, the oils available at The Soap Kitchen are a bit more pricey than usual. If you are willing to go for a natural alternative to add fragrance to your soap, you can rely on The Soap Kitchen.

Herein, you will likely get botanical items such as dried flower petals or dried fruit peels such as oranges. These ingredients can decorate your soap and add a touch of beauty to them. The Soap Kitchen is also recommended for micas and oxides.

2) Just a Soap

Just a Soap is another reliable and trustworthy source of getting multiple and variant soap supplies. On Just a Soap, you can find various butter and essential oils required to manufacture soap.

Just a Soap has multiple raw materials and even sodium hydroxide, but everything available is a little costly. All kinds of natural and artificial essential oils are available on Just a Soap.

You also get to have vibrant fragrance oils that can give you a good result in your soap-making experiment.

3) Fresh Skin

Fresh Skin provides an affordable solution to your soap-making problems. All the essential oils that you can get to have on Fresh Skin are not costly but rather budget-friendly.

Fresh Skin also supplies various kinds of fragrance oils such as coconut or almond that too are available at a minimal price to you. Fresh Skin is an excellent recommendation because it provides free postage and so you can conveniently order a few items as well.
One drawback of Fresh Skin is that they do not offer sodium hydroxide.

4) Mystic Moments

Mystic Moment is an excellent platform for buying soap supplies. Herein you can get essential oils, fragrance oils, and other ingredients and blends that would greatly help during your soap-making journey.

Mystic Moments also provides you with sodium hydroxide. Hence, you can get a majority of products at one stop.

5) The Soapery

The Soapery deals with multiple soap-making supplies available to you at wholesale prices. You can purchase essential oils, carrier oils, solid oils, and organic essential oils all in one place.

Not only this, but The Soapery also provides you with a range of soap bases amongst which you can choose effortlessly for the one that you like the most. Unfortunately, the Soapery does not have sodium hydroxide.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Soap Making Supplies

If you are an amateur in the soap-making process, you must go through the essential points that you should be keeping in mind before you make your final purchase of the soap-making supplies. Let's have a look at them!

1) Buy the Products from a Reputed Retailer

To get the best soaps ready in your hand after going through the long process of soap-making, it is required that you have your raw materials from a trusted source.

Usage of poor raw materials will degrade the quality of the soap, which is fine if you are producing soap for personal use but can be troublesome if you are making soap with a business objective.

In case you are unable to choose a supplier, contact your friends or neighbors, or you can search online to get an idea of where to get the supplies from.

2) Be Budget-Oriented

Although soap making is easy and fun while purchasing the soap supplies, you are expected to put your hands on the raw materials that do not hinder your saving or cost much; you are supposed to be budget-friendly and try to have the available products at an affordable price.

Go for the value for money and do not compromise the quality of your soap. Try to be efficient and productive with minimum utilization of resources.

3) Shop Wisely

Next up, you have to have a preset idea of the kind of soap you will manufacture. Different soaps require different exfoliants, different fragrances, and sometimes different oils.

Therefore, it is essential to make a purchase only after knowing and understanding the purpose that the soap is willing to fulfill.

For instance, as bathing soap, it should be moisturizing and have an excellent essence, or you could make a cleansing soap by adding freshness and fragrances to it accordingly.


As you have gone through the sources to get soap supplies from and what you should know before making your final decision, almost half of your soap-making work is already done.

Producing soap at home or in the industry requires minimal effort. The real pain lies in bringing the right soap-making supplies to the table.

With multiple shops and stores being known, it might have become effortless for you to make the best soap with all the necessary and proper ingredients.

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