How to design an ideal letterhead?

ideal letterhead
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5 design tips for the ideal letterhead

Like the header of a website, business letterhead is content that appears on every company correspondence. It represents your brand image and provides your customers with helpful details.

Your logo, the name of your business, address, phone number, and website are a few examples of what should be on your letterhead. But there are a few original ways to arrange these components that can make you stand apart.

Business letterhead is a crucial marketing tool you don't want to misuse because it symbolizes your brand. Here are some valuable tips to help you design a modern letterhead for your business.

Set up the fundamentals:

Every designer is aware of how unappealing a blank page can occasionally seem. But take a moment to build up the fundamentals of your letterhead to a high standard before you begin tossing all you have at the page. Make sure you're first utilizing the most appropriate software for the task.

Word or Pages are pleasing for a simple structure when it comes to using visuals or a non-standard text layout. A tool that is specifically made to aid you in creating more adaptable publishing layouts is a far better option and will enable you to improve your design gradually. It is where services like PosterMyWall come in, with hundreds of creative design templates to help you design a letterhead for your business that screams "modern."

Frame your letter:

Over the past two decades, printing technology has advanced astoundingly. Today, you'll discover that high-quality, full-color printing is a beautiful deal whether you choose professional printing or print from a cutting-edge home printer.

You want to add color to your layout in a restrained, beautiful way that doesn't take attention away from the letter's text, which is ultimately the most crucial component of the page. A border is a terrific method to accomplish this. Since more recent home printers can print to the edge of the page, this is an excellent alternative for subtly incorporating color into your design.

Borders also aid in framing your layer's content, highlighting the text in the process. Consider using images in place of block color to keep an edge looking contemporary and modern.

Include geometry in background graphics:

Using geometric vectors is a striking technique to increase the letterhead's style aspect. If you're applying to a tech start-up or web design business, this trend is a perfect choice because it draws inspiration from digital and app design.

You can create the low-poly style by using Illustrator or Inkscape to generate straightforward, repeating forms and add a gradient color effect to give them a 3D appearance. This geometric design is simple to use in different media if you plan to use your letterhead design on other stationary items like business cards and envelopes. For a coordinated stationery set, all you have to do is copy & paste the design onto your different templates.

Chunky header:

One of the more conventional layout options for your letterhead might be a top-heavy header. Still, by utilizing a vibrant color or pattern as the backdrop, you can completely update it.

A title at the top of your layout is ideal for displaying your brand or signature. A short, eye-catching title is an excellent choice if you want to establish a distinctive brand identity for your application.

Add creativity with a spine column:

Once an essential grid has been built, you are free to segment your layout in any way you see fit. One excellent way to break up the width of the page and make the most of the space you have on the page is to pull out one column on the left side of your layout. If you put your logo, website, and phone number in a colored column, the reader will notice this information more quickly.

Furthermore, creating a columned structure for your letter is elegant and looks great on US Letter-sized layouts since the page is broader and shorter. The column gives the page a vertical visual extension, making it appear more elegant and appealing.

Bottom line:

We've looked at 11 strategies in this article for creating great letterheads. You can get the job or client of your dreams with the help of this simple stationery item, so design it confidently to stand out from the crowd.

Do you need an excellent letterhead template to get you started? On PosterMyWall, there is a vast selection of incredible designs and letterhead templates to help you choose from and boost your creativity.

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