How to Download TikTok Videos and Music in 2022

Download TikTok Videos
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The insanely popular app TikTok has taken the world by storm. And with over 11 million users in the US alone, it's easy to see why. However, very few people know that you can download TikTok videos and music. There are several ways to do so. If you are a user of the video and music-sharing platform TikTok, finding a way to download videos and music is your priority.

If you know the name, you probably think of the short video app that's taking over the world, one meme generator at a time. But TikTok is so much more than that — it's built on a platform of social discovery and user-generated content. And we all know that content is king! Here's how you can download music and videos from TikTok in 2022.

Look for the best TikTok downloading site and load it

There are plenty of sites that allow you to download TikTok videos and music, but not all of them are good. One of the main problems with these sites is that they are not always available and often have a lot of ads and viruses. Start your search with a site that is easy to use and provides a lot of information. Also, prefer sites that allow you to download music and videos at the same time. Find a TikTok saver that downloads TikTok videos and music in high resolution, but this is not necessarily an option with all sites.

Choose your video to download

TikTok is the latest app sensation to go viral. The app, which was created by, has millions of users worldwide and has been downloaded by over a hundred million people. The app is a video-sharing platform that allows users to create short video clips and share them with their friends. However, TikTok is also a popular platform for music artists and celebrities to share their latest hit songs. If you like a certain artist, they may post their new songs on the platform, or other users may upload the music to share with the world. You can download TikTok audio or TikTok video simply by playing it and getting its link.

Copy the link and paste it to the site

The solution to downloading TikTok videos and music on iPhone and Android is to use a third-party online converter capable of downloading TikTok videos in MP4 format and converting them to an MP3 music file. Here we recommend sssTikTok, which is professional in converting any video to music or audio formats, especially the TikTok videos. The program is the best TikTok video downloader for TikTok fans. It is capable of downloading TikTok videos and TikTok audio from TikTok's official site. The program can help you convert the downloaded TikTok videos to other popular video and audio formats, like MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, etc.

If you enjoy a video, you can just download it and watch it later, offline. You can download every video in MP4 format and MP3 format. Just copy the link and paste it on the site.

Choose a folder and click download

TikTok is one of the best apps to enjoy music, videos, and a place to meet new friends. It is a social media app that is most used by the young generation. It is a place to enjoy your favorite videos and music. It allows you to express yourself with short videos and share them with your friends. The app has more than 200 million users. It is available on iOS, Android, and Windows. The best part is you can download videos from TikTok and save them to your device. You can also listen to your favorite music on TikTok. You can download those videos and songs to your device and watch them without the internet. You can also share that content with your friends or family.

Downloading music from TikTok is a bit different than downloading music from Spotify. Unlike Spotify, TikTok does not have an official desktop client. This is why you need to use a third-party app for downloading TikTok music. However, downloading TikTok videos is easier since you can directly download videos from a TikTok app. So after you're done copy-pasting the link, make sure to choose a reliable folder on your device and save it. Then the file is all yours to engage with for any purpose.

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2 years ago

Downloaders give you the freedom to download any video in any format you prefer. A quick Google search will offer you a long list of downloader.