How to Narrow Down Your Choice of Perfume

Choice of Perfume
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Are you shopping for a new perfume and are overwhelmed by the choices you have? You can find almost any type of fragrance online. On one hand, this is great. Whether you are a floral lover or prefer some spice, there is going to be a scent out there for you. But, on the other hand, it can be difficult to select a brand and perfume when there are just so many available online. Without being able to test it on your skin, you can be wary about making the wrong choice.

Well, do not worry. There are some ways that you can narrow down your choice of perfume when you are shopping online. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

What is My Budget?

First of all, let’s get an important question out of the way. You need to know what your budget is when it comes to perfume. There is no point in shopping and looking at high-end brands if this is not within your price range. Otherwise, you are going to end up loving a lot of fragrances but not being able to buy them.

This is why it is best to set your budget from the beginning. This is going to make shopping a lot easier and cut out a range of perfumes. So, be reasonable with what you want to pay and keep a minimum and maximum price. Then, you can hopefully find something in between that you like and that suits your budget.

What Occasion Is the Perfume For?

Next, you want to consider what the occasion is for purchasing the perfume. For instance, many people like to wear perfume every day to allow them to feel fresh and rejuvenated, as well as confident. But, there are others that would rather preserve a good perfume for a night out or special occasion. So, what type of person are you?

The answer to this question can help you select the right perfume. Some are casual for everyday wear, while others are sweet and distinctive, which can be better for confidence on a special night. For example, Emporio Armani Diamonds Violet is a fruity floral gourmand. A lot of women like to keep this for special occasions where they want to stand out, feel good, and smell delightful. So, choose when you want to wear your new perfume and this can guide you.

How Often Will I Wear It?

Another question you need to ask yourself is; how often will you be wearing this perfume? The reason for this is that you need to know the right size of bottle to buy. For example, buying the smallest can be the most affordable for some people. But, this is not going to be true if you wear it every day since you will go through the fragrance quickly. In this case, it would be more cost-effective to buy a bigger bottle.

Something else to also consider is how much perfume you like to wear. If you only use two or three sprays and use the perfume once a week, a small bottle can last a while. But, if you are someone that likes to wear a lot of fragrance and for it to be noticeable to others, you will go through a bottle quickly.

What Type of Perfume Do I Like?

There is also another question that is very important to answer. That is, what type of perfume do you like to wear? For example, some people like the sweetness of a fruity fragrance. Then, there are others that like the refreshing and energizing scent of floral perfume. Of course, when you are wearing it, you want to enjoy it too. So, you want to select a type of fragrance that you are excited to wear and that makes you feel good.

In addition, you have to consider how noticeable you want your perfume to be. For instance, Eau de parfum is going to last longer and have more depth than others. Then, there is eau de toilette, which is light and refreshing for warmer days of the year. You can also choose from eau de cologne, as well as parfum. So, you need to consider how strong or subtle you want your fragrance to be when it is on your skin. Also, know how long you would like the fragrance to last when you are wearing it. Parfum tends to last the longest on the skin.

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