How to Strengthen Your Child Immunity in Winters

Child Immunity
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Tips to Strengthen Your Child Immunity in Winters

Kids are prone to fall sick right before the onset of the winter season. The weather takes a turn from the normal, and they tend to be under the influence of a common cold. For most of the children’s systems, the cold weather seems like a significant change to which their bodies take time to get adjusted to. Additionally, the body of children is not immune to a lot of viruses that cause the cold. Hence you need ample preparation to avoid the cold or make sure they don’t fall too sick. Keep a check on whether you are giving your child the proper nutrients which he needs to fight the cold and recover easily. Here are a few tips on how to strengthen your child immunity before winters.

1- Concentrate on Children Diet

Focus on a wide range of fruits and vegetables to give your child immunity a boost. Include oranges, berries, beans, carrots in the diet of your kid to give him a boost of phytonutrients like Vitamin C and carotenoids. These nutrients help in producing more white blood cells, which in turn help in fighting a range of diseases. To keep your kids in the best of health make sure you’re not giving him too much sugar or processed food as these lower down the body’s capacity to fight bad health away.

2- Breastfeeding is Very Important for Kids During Their Initial Years

Breast milk has turbocharged immune fighting cells and is packed with white blood cells that help in the process of fighting diseases. During the second year of your baby, if he comes in contact with germs, the process of transferring saliva to your breast signals your immune system to produce antibodies to help fight the germs. The baby receives the antibodies he needs to fight the germs through the milk. In addition, you can notice your child craving for more breast milk if he has come in contact with germs.

3- Make Sure Children are Getting Enough Rest and Sleep

A constant active lifestyle may take a toll on your baby and his immune system. In turn, it tends to make your child irritable and tired. Make sure your child is allowed to rest as much as he shows symptoms of and that he is allowed to have plenty of sleep. You can even try making your kids exercise as it makes them active as well as helps them get a good sleep as their bodies get exhausted during the exercising process. The release of cortisol and adrenaline inhibits immune function for them as it does for us. So, you need to make sure that you are scheduling your child’s entire day with enough resting time and sleeping hours.

4- Using Ayurvedic Medicine for The Child’s Immunity

Ayurvedic medicine for child immunity is much better as it is made of natural ingredients which are good for your child. It not only cures them of bad health but also keep them fit. Ayurvedic medicines are made of natural ingredients such as cinnamon, licorice, and others that are very effective medicines for treating cold. Some other natural food such as Tulsi and ginger help in throwing out the phlegm from your child’s system, thus helping him get better faster.

5- Do Not Sanitize Too Much

Your child’s immune system gets stronger every time it is exposed to germs, as it learns how to form antibodies and protect itself. Refrain from sanitizing the environment your child is staying in too much you might end up killing the microflora that is beneficial for him as well as preventing him from strengthening his immunity system. Washing hands frequently is better than always sanitizing it.

Follow the above-given tips to help your child immunity get strengthened before the winter season. However, your child might still end up falling sick but don not worry as the process help’s your child’s system learn how to fight diseases on its own and also helps in making him stronger. Just make sure your child is getting the correct nutrients to help him fight diseases.

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