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Has it ever happened that going to the cinema and the new publicized premiere of the next blockbuster brought you nothing but bitter disappointment? Would you rather swallow that unpleasant aftertaste from wasted time, forget the director's mistakes and the miserable acting of the actors, like a bad dream?

And at the same time, there are certainly such movies that could still touch to the core, and you want to tell everyone about them. The English language has an amazing number of words and phrases that help put on paper all the storm of emotions that overwhelms us after watching a movie. However, when it comes to actual writing, at best, only “interesting,” “exciting,” and “wonderful” come to mind. We must fight this!

Review content

How do you know if it's worth spending time watching the movies? Of course, from the review!

  1. At the beginning of the work, it is necessary to indicate which movie is being reviewed. Next, mention the director and briefly describe the features of the plot. If the film is a film adaptation of the novel, it should be said.
  2. If the title of the movie is symbolic, it should be explained to the average reader. To the person reading the review, everything should be clear and interesting at the same time.
  3. You can't just write in the review that you liked this movie. The author's opinion should be clear from the text and supported by arguments.
  4. Further in the text, the time and place of action, and the epoch are mentioned. Whether events are happening today or in the future is important to say.
  5. The review mentions the heroes of the film for a holistic view of the reader of the movie. If the action in the film develops in two-time layers (past and present), it should be clear from the text of the review.
  6. It should be remembered that the text of the review can not duplicate the content of the movie. If the review contains a spoiler, the person will not be interested in going to the cinema after reading it. Therefore, the critic in their text is limited to general facts about the movie.
  7. The author of the review must describe the internal content of the movie and its embodiment. It is necessary to explain what the creator wanted to say and whether they succeeded.
  8. The final paragraphs talk about the purpose of the movie. Here the author summarizes how the artist managed to achieve the goal. If the author wanted to show the reader the pre-revolutionary era, then you should write whether they managed to do so and if they didn’t, then what was wrong.

If you don’t know how to reveal a plot correctly, it is better to read some movie review samples first. They will give you a clear understanding of what to write about in your paper. Also, you will see how to structure your review correctly.

Not every review of a movie can be adjusted to this algorithm. But the essence of the review genre comes down to answering three questions – what, how, and why. If in the text, you can find answers to them and track the author's attitude toward the movie being evaluated – the review is written according to the laws of the genre.

Review sample – “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Marvel comes to the fore again. Armed with Nietzsche's ideas of the superman and the latest technology in filmmaking, the company creates blockbusters almost every year, bringing all its films into one big universe that tends to grow.

Stories about superheroes are modern myths, and at this stage, we see the younger generation of heroes taking the place of the old gods on top of Olympus. In particular, Spider-Man keeps up with the times, develops skills through nanotechnology within his universe and CGI in our world, and is already able to surprise the old guard of superheroes with his skills.

Marvel could not stay away from one of the main trends of today, in particular in cinema, nostalgia – and stuffed his new film with references, crossovers, homage, Easter eggs, and cameos, which makes your heart pound – and all this is Uncle Ben's famous phrase: "With great power comes great responsibility." We heard it, we know it, we believe it.

This is a typical superhero popcorn film, shot primarily to entertain fans and meet their expectations. Marvel has created an almost interactive with the viewers, flirting with them, involving them in the story, forcing them to look for references and Easter eggs, and causing various tricks of emotion. Yes, it's not art, but an attraction and a factory of special effects, but in its genre, the film performs all the tasks assigned to it and even more. To see the main (and very important, very timely) idea of ​​the film, you need to watch a kaleidoscope of events, tricks, surprises, the tinsel of superhero canons, and fan service. But, in the end, isn't it for the attraction that we watch Marvel movies?

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in writing movie reviews. You need to follow our guidelines ad have a sample that can serve as a template. Good luck!

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