Integrated BBA MBA Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

Integrated BBA MBA Programs A Comprehensive Guide
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MBA (Master in Business Administration) is one of the most common and widely pursued degree programs. To have better exposure and efficiency, students across the globe register their names for the MBA program after completing their Bachelor's degree.

The MBA or any similar management programs usually puts emphasis on the professional qualities of applicants. Such degree programs let them have a better understanding of the work strategies, rules, and regulations, and further initiatives to be taken for the development of any organization.

Given such a situation, the Integrated BBA MBA programs can be a good choice as the students will have the opportunity of completing both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a smooth and organized manner.

In this blog, we will study the integrated BBA MBA programs, their importance, and an overall summary of the course.

What is an Integrated BBA MBA Program?

The full form of BBA-MBA is Bachelor of Business Administration-Master of Business Administration. The BBA MBA integrated course duration is of five years and divided into ten semesters.

As we know, the duration of a BBA course is three years, and for an MBA program, it is two years. Therefore, the combination of both makes it an academic program of five years. By applying for a single time you will be eligible to pursue the integrated BBA MBA course, as it is a dual degree program. Any candidate, who has completed the 10+2 standard is eligible for the BBA MBA integrated course.

Benefits of choosing the Integrated BBA MBA course

Well, there is a wide scope and numerous job opportunities one can apply for after completing the integrated BBA MBA degree program. Apart from these, there are multiple benefits and reasons why you should opt for this course. Some of them are listed below:

  • Less-time-consuming: With this integrated degree program, students can save a lot of time. This is because the integrated degree will cover every topic, instead of repeating material that is included in both the BBA and MBA syllabi. Along with time, money is also saved as the applicants are not required to appear for the entrance tests two times.
  • Wide career opportunities: Students with just a BBA degree might get a simple and unsatisfactory job, but those with an integrated BBA MBA course will have more chances of finding roles in managerial positions. Such degree holders are given more preferences as they are taught about management strategies and techniques from basic to advanced levels.
  • Availability of different specializations: Applicants pursuing the 5 year integrated MBA course are free to choose from their preferred specializations. The options available to them are MBA in Marketing, Accounting, Management, Finance, HR, IT Healthcare, as well as other fields based on their subject knowledge and interests.
  • Integrated MBA placement rates: The integrated MBA offers better hands-on experience and aids to develop a stronger grasp of strategies and concepts. Therefore, candidates with an integrated MBA degree have employment options of higher quality that include respectable pay and incentives because of their improved knowledge and expertise.

Moreover, this course is offered by multiple integrated BBA MBA colleges in India.

Employment opportunities upon completion of the BBA MBA Integrated course

The demand for this integrated MBA course is rising day by day, because of its widespread employment opportunities. Various job options include the following roles:

  • Human Resource Manager: The HRM of any organization usually takes care of the overall productivity of that organization by increasing employee productivity through training of the staff in areas where they lack improvements.
  • Business Head: The business head looks after the business’s operations as well as guarantees a healthy workplace environment.
  • Brand Manager: A brand manager takes care of designing brand strategies, and successfully carries out brand plans that include the organization’s objectives.
  • Sales manager: For a business to run successfully, sales managers are given the charge of bringing in new customers and keeping hold of existing ones.
  • Management Consultants: The management consultants play a vital role in the development of growth strategies, and come up with solutions to any issues that may arise in the organization.

Rather than the above-mentioned job roles, there are other options which you can choose based on your interests. Overall, this integrated BBA MBA course lets you explore a wide range of career opportunities.

However, the admission procedure may be the same or different in MBA-integrated colleges/universities. But, the most common and followed rules are given below:

  • To apply for the integrated program, candidates need to fill out the online integrated MBA application form that is made available on each college website.
  • After reviewing the application, shortlisted candidates are called for the "Integrated Program Management Aptitude Test" (IPMAT) based on marks obtained in the last qualifying examination.
  • Those shortlisted candidates will then appear for a written ability test and personal interview based on the marks obtained in two sections of the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT).
  • The students are finally selected based on (Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test) IPMAT score and their performance in personal interviews and written ability tests.

Various top MBA colleges in Mumbai offer the Integrated BBA MBA course. And, one such college among them is the Universal Business School (UBS) located in Mumbai. Alongside other management degrees, the Universal Business School provides an integrated BBA MBA program.

This is one of the best business schools in India that successfully provides quality education in the field of management. Moreover, the business school was conferred with the ‘Top Management Institute’ award in the Times B-School Survey of 2021. Universal Business School offers numerous global and executive MBA programs.

With excellent faculty members, the business school has been running successfully since its inception. If you are interested to know more about UBS, please visit their official website.


It is seen that students are greatly benefitted from integrated education as they continue to earn both their BBA and MBA degrees. Moreover, they can receive advanced management knowledge as well as managerial abilities, without a pause or a study gap.

In this context, we bring you a blog on "Integrated BBA MBA Programs: A Comprehensive Guide", with the maximum required information and brief career guidance.

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