Step By Step Tutorial on How to Play PS1 Games Using ROMs and Emulators

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PlayStation 1 games have enough craze among gaming freaks across the globe. You can enjoy these titles on dedicated gaming consoles for wholesome entertainment. The news that appeals to players the most is, however, the flexibility to relish these games on home utilities with friends and family. The process is rather simple and limited to a few quick steps.

All you need to do is, install the desired emulator, and get the PlayStation 1 ISO ROMs of your favorite PS1 titles. Keep reading for a detailed insight into the process through a stepwise tutorial.

Immense Craze of PS1 Titles

PS1 games marked the entry of PlayStation titles into the gaming fraternity. These titles have been fortunate enough to rule the players' hearts ever since their advent. The stunning gameplay and vibrant graphics, together with the intelligent use of technology have kept fans craving these games to this day.

Released as dedicated PS console entries, the PS1 titles can now be enjoyed on PCs, computers, smartphones, and even online. The flexibility adds fuel to the craze of PS1 games among the new generation gamers of today.

Playing PS1 Games on Computer: What Will You Need?

Thanks to technology, you can enjoy your favorite PS1 titles on PCs with friends and family. A dedicated emulator and the PS1 game’s ROM file are all that is needed. It is important to know that an emulator is a software program that mimics console games on PCs and mobile devices.

Coming to the gaming ROMs, are data files that contain emulator-compatible game information. This data should be recognized by your system for loading the selected game. These files can be easily downloaded from any preferred ROM site.

Best Gaming Emulators to Choose From

Entering the software market, you can select any preferred emulator program from the wide variety of choices available. Let us take a look at some of the best PS1 emulators in what follows next:


Leading the list is the ePSXe emulator program that is largely preferred for mimicking PS1 games on a computer. The emulator is easy to install and configure, and lets you enjoy all of your favorite PS1 titles within seconds.

The configuration process can be initiated after downloading the BIOS file. This is followed by controller configuration and key selection. When finished, just insert the game's disk into your PC and enjoy.


This is an all-in-one emulator program for playing a host of console titles on your PC. RetroArch comes to you as a collection of emulators, or ‘cores’ to facilitate the streaming of a vast variety of classic PlayStation games.

PS1 games are emulated in the Beetle PSX core of this program. The core has a much better performance characteristic as compared to most of the standalone PS1 emulators. This is also the best emulator for mimicking your favorite old-school video games.

PCSX Reloaded

When going for a standalone emulator to relish PS1 games, PCSX Reloaded is an intelligent choice. The configuration process is a lot easier than many popular PS1 emulators. The program is suitable for playing almost any classic console game with utmost ease.

The emulator is also compatible with your favorite PC gamepad. You can hence, attach gaming controllers to the PC for a more realistic gaming experience. The BIOS emulation of this program is, however, a bit tricky.


BizHawk can be the best choice if your PS1 gaming playlist has racing games included. The emulator is an intelligent program that lets you record gameplay sessions and save gaming states. You can also manipulate frame rates for the perfect play-through capture.

For emulating PS1 games on this software, you should download the Mednafen program, which is necessary for running the BizHawk plugin. The software extends gamepad and full-screen support, along with a decent range of debugging tools.

ROM Files for PS1 Games

ROM files contain the necessary game information that is required to emulate and run console titles on PC. Likewise, you need to have the ROM files of the PS1 game you want to play. It should be noted that these files are specific to every game, and you will need separate ROMs for each PS1 title.
These files can be downloaded from any trusted ROM site. Remember to have a copy of the game before proceeding with the download. This is because most of the top-rated sites have download permissions exclusive to genuine owners of the game. The common extensions of ROM files are .bin, .ccd, .img, .cue, and .sub.

User’s Guide to Play PS1 Games with ROMs and Emulators

  • Navigate to the official website of a preferred emulator and download the program on your computer.
  • Extract the emulator files from the downloaded archive in a separate folder.
  • Rip the BIOS files from the PS1 program, since most PS1 emulators don’t run without a proper BIOS configuration.
  • Proceed with the BIOS configuration by copying and pasting the emulator archive into the BIOS directory.
  • You can now proceed with the emulator configuration. Start with graphics setup, followed by configuring the emulator's sound, drive, and controller parameters.
  • There are options to attach external controllers, like gamepads, if your emulator extends such support.
  • The emulator program now displays a list of available ROM files.
  • When everything is in place, you are ready to load the game by selecting its ROM file and enjoy!

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