Steps to Take After Someone You Know Has Been Arrested

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You never want to be in the position of having to decide what to do. A person you know has been taken into custody.

Inconvenient phone calls might come at 2 a.m. from noisy clubs, inebriated people asking for missing keys, or even missed connections. They pale in comparison to the experience of picking up a collect call from a prisoner in the Jail and hearing a friend or family member beg for assistance while saying, "You are receiving a call from an inmate at Jail," after which the conversation ends.

Some of the numerous questions that follow if you haven't dealt with this previously include: "How long does someone spend in jail?" Furthermore, "What occurs throughout a booking?" To combat a system that likes to take its time, you should move quickly if someone you know has been detained. The only way to ensure that your buddy gets released from custody swiftly and securely is to follow the appropriate actions in the right sequence. To bring them home, you must follow these instructions.

Step One: Avoid Going Off the Rails

Don't panic. Not as apparent, but unquestionably the first thing you should do if someone you know has been detained. Try to adhere to these three procedures if you were there when the arrest took place:

  • Don't panic; instead, ask the officer calmly and respectfully what the charges are.
  • Request the name of the detention facility your buddy will be brought to calmly and respectfully from the remaining police officer.
  • Do not make the mistake of trying to reason with the cop. You won't improve matters and could make matters worse.

You must maintain your composure over the phone if you were not there during the arrest. Find out what they are being accused of and where they are before hanging up the phone. Make them stop talking if they start babbling about an unmarked police vehicle, their charges, or any other aspect of their arrest. You want to make the most of your phone time with them.

Step Two: Talk to a Bail Bondsman

Contacting a Los Angeles Bail Bonds right away comes in second on the list of things to do if someone you know gets detained. Unfortunately, getting someone out of prison might take some time—something you might not hear from other attorneys. You would still need to wait for your buddy to be processed and arraigned before bringing them home, even if you followed the police vehicle to the prison with a bag full of cash for bail. Unfortunately, depending on when and where your friend was detained, this procedure might take hours or even days.

What's the greatest approach to speed things along? Before you even contact a lawyer, call a bail bondsman.

Bail bondsmen are your greatest option for getting your buddy out of Jail as quickly as possible since they have information that you do not, and as long as they know who and where your friend is, they can help. Your bondsman will get in touch with the prison, post-bond, and quickly pick up your buddy from there in return for around 10% of the total bail cost. If you're looking for assistance with a bail application, a knowledgeable bail bondsman can provide valuable insights and help expedite the process. The best part is that, for an additional cost, you can speed up the process by paying a bail bondsman to wait in line for you and give the money your buddy needs to be freed.

Step Three: Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

Find a criminal defense lawyer in your area as soon as you can. While some may think that getting legal representation right away makes a person seem guilty, this is simply untrue. Remember that since police interrogation techniques are so effective, innocent persons often make false confessions. Even seemingly innocuous words may be used against someone. Therefore, a lawyer must ensure that your friend's rights aren't violated.

Try leaving a voicemail or email if you call after regular business hours. Now is the time to work with a private attorney. Public lawyers may have too many cases on the docket to give your friend's case the individual attention it requires. Give the attorney you find the address of the station where your buddy works and any additional details you may have.


Retaining an accomplished lawyer with expertise is perhaps the most crucial action. The sooner you get legal counsel, the higher your prospects of mounting a convincing defense.

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