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Visibility. This one word has given rise to one of the main professions of the modern world – advertising and marketing. While billboards ruled the 20th century, the post-Y2K world is leaping speedily towards novel ways of promoting businesses. Video marketing is the method that leads this charge. Additionally, with the rise of startups and new companies being incorporated, businesses feel the need to rise above and shine through a sea of competitors.

A huge amount of money is spent on marketing and business promotion, giving rise to newer ways and novel platforms for advertising and branding. Large companies, that is, those companies with more than $10 billion in annual revenue, are allocating more than 11% of their total budget toward marketing. Moreover, in a study conducted by Deloitte, based on company spending on advertisement in different industries, the consumer packaged goods industry averages 24% of their marketing budget spent on advertisement.

This golden place is followed by consumer services and tech software at 15%, media and construction at 13%, educational at 11%, and healthcare at 10%. Video marketing uses videos to introduce the business's principles and core brand. This goes way beyond just product marketing through video, and companies realize this.

Businesses use video marketing to launch advertising campaigns or inform the world of their sustainable and social responsibility contributions. It is impossible to ignore the sheer power of videos for business promotion when in the United States alone, the digital video marketing industry is valued at an unbelievable $135 billion.

Importance of Video Marketing for Business

Video marketing is a basis for rapid social engagement. The brand's videos can be shared and spread like wildfire on the internet.

Online videos take up the majority of global consumer internet traffic. According to a 2018 Statista study, 85% of people in the United States watched online videos on any device. This is only going to keep rising in the future.

  • Videos increase page quality and give a massive boost to SEO. This increases website footfall for the business.
  • 92% of marketers prefer to include videos in their marketing strategy as they believe videos are a powerful marketing tool.
  • A huge chunk of internet users (more than 55%) claims to watch at least one video daily. This is a huge audience base for video marketing.
  • A staggering 88% state that they buy the product after watching the product video. This shows clearly that video marketing highly translates into increased sales for the business.
  • The top three platforms that consumers prefer using to watch video content are YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, while 62% of them prefer watching these videos on their smartphone or tablet.
  • Video advertisements are the #1 method for consumers to discover a brand they would purchase from later, whereas over 90% of people state that they discover new brands on YouTube.

Useful Tips for Using Video for Brand Promotion

While video marketing has caught on with businesses, the process itself can become quite complicated and leave the brands stuck like marionettes on strings. However, creating videos for promotion is a manageable process if you follow certain established tips. Let's go through them –

Establish a Clear Objective

It is important to clarify the purpose of the video. The 'why' behind a video establishes intent and immediately engages the viewer. A clear intent also guarantees that your intended message reaches through the video.

Once the objective behind creating the video is clear, the business can make headway in creating excellent content for its videos.

Know Your Audience

Probably the most crucial tip knowing who your target audience is enables you to create a video marketing strategy that focuses on the audience's needs.
You can save up on a lot of time and resources by locking into your target audience and creating highly specific videos. Such a specific video marketing strategy maximizes your lead conversion rate.


Brands are constantly vying for the attention of their audience, and the best way to ensure this is to consistently upload videos on your platform and on social media.
If your business manages consistency, it will stay on the viewers' minds and will be an active topic of discussion on the internet.

Tutorial Videos Bring the Brand Closer to the Viewer

The business that explains how to use its product efficiently transcends into 'buddy' shoes for its consumers. It helps create trust. A 'how-to-do' video helps the brand establish a friendly tone with its customers and is perceived as a 'useful' brand.

Showcasing Your Social Responsibility Activities

People love a business that actively contributes to the society it exists in. In fact, social responsibility is a mark of a great business.
Videos can be created around the company's contributions to society. The business can also create awareness around persistent social problems through short videos or documentaries.

Customer Engagement Videos

Also known as testimonials, videos starring the customers who have used your products is the best way to deliver brand reliability in your potential customer's mind. The more you encourage your customers to engage with you, the better portrayed your brand will be.

Let Them See Behind the Curtain

Another excellent usage of video marketing is to launch a series of behind-the-scenes videos. Flaunt your policies, wear your core principles, and inform people of your vision and mission. These videos can feature your employees and their thoughts about the company and show what a day in your business looks like.

Choose a Good Video Editor

A good video editor helps you every step of the way in the video creation process. It can provide an array of pre-existing templates and stock images to improve your video, as well as an option to include text, graphics, or gradients in the video. You can also add music to your video through a video editor.

Ensure Your Business Logo Stands Out

A business logo is its prime identity. Have you noticed that you can recognize great businesses just by their logo? The same applies to video marketing. To create a great video, you would need to include your business logo in a conspicuous place.


Video marketing for business promotion may sound like a scary and expensive prospect. However, with the help of certain weathered tips, you can pivot your business to maximum visibility with a collection of remarkable videos.

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