Top Benefits Of Sleep Roll Ons For Little Ones

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Young babies need plenty of sleep in order to stay happy and healthy. As your baby grows through their first year of life, their sleep needs and habits may change. It may be beneficial to use sleep roll ons for little ones to gently encourage a healthy night of sleep or a more consistent nap schedule.

The Baby Sleep Cycle

Babies have different sleep needs and sleep cycles than older children or adults.

Instead of sleeping for a solid seven or eight hours at a time, babies may sleep in shorter blocks of time. They have the same type of sleep cycles as adults, with stages of REM and NREM sleep.

Development and Sleeping

A baby’s development also influences how they sleep at night or during the day.

Newborns require the most sleep, with lots of short bursts of sleeping time. In the first few weeks of life, newborns may sleep up to 20 hours. By the end of the first year, a baby may only be sleeping about 12 hours.

Sleep Problems

Families sometimes struggle with their baby’s sleep. Babies may struggle with falling asleep by themselves. Parents may try different strategies, such as sleepsuits, rocking, co-sleeping or a specific bedtime routine.

Children may also be restless when they sleep. How does a child become a restless sleeper? Babies going through a developmental stage, illness or disruptions to their routine may have problems staying asleep.

What Is a Sleep Roll On?

Parents can sometimes encourage their children to sleep through the night or go to bed without a fuss if they have a regular bedtime routine. Using a sleep roll on may be part of that process. A Wellements Sleep Roll On is a roll on product that allows you to apply gentle essential oils to your baby’s chest, neck or the bottom of their feet.

What Do Sleep Roll Ons Do?

Sleep roll ons help babies calm down and relax right before bed or a nap. The roll on features soothing essential oils that can be part of your baby’s bedtime routine. The smell of the essential oil and the massaging motion of applying the roll on may help your child relax before falling asleep.

Helping Your Baby Get Rest

In addition to using a sleep roll on, you can encourage your baby to get enough sleep by following a set sleep schedule. Babies need up to two naps during the day and lots of nighttime sleep. You can help your child get to sleep by scheduling bath time before bed and ensuring your child gets enough nutrition and kids vitamins for immune system each day.

Benefits of Healthy Sleep Habits

Starting your baby off with a good sleep routine can set them up for healthy sleep for life. It can also help reduce behavior problems during the day and give parents a much better night of sleep throughout the babyhood stage.

Having a sleep roll on in your baby’s bedtime routine may give your child a healthier sleep schedule. A well-rested baby may have an easier time dealing with illness and other growing pains.

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