What Are The Top Gyms In Emaar Beachfront?

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For the residents of Emaar Beachfront, the most luxurious and sophisticated community in Dubai, there are state of the art amenities that this amazing community offers to its residents. Among all of these exceptional facilities, the services related to your physical health including gyms, spas, or fitness centers play a pivotal role in bringing your lifestyle to elite standards.

Emaar Beachfront does not disappoint its residents in providing access to world-class gyms or fitness centers.

In this blog, we are going to explore the top gyms in Emaar Beachfront, and thanks to its strategic location near Dubai Marine, outclass options for physical fitness are at your doorstep.

5 Best Gyms Near Emaar Beachfront

Whether you are an individual who is diving for the first time in a physical fitness journey or you are an athlete who has a dream to be a champion in the future. For you, we have covered the 5 best Gyms near Emaar Beachfront.

Scroll Down to explore the top listed gyms or fitness centers:

NRG Fitness

NRG Fitness is a newly launched fitness center conveniently located at Dubai Marina. It is just not a fitness center, it is a boutique group that has many phases. It offers a wide range of fitness classes and a relaxing atmosphere to work out.

Certified trainers who are there to guide you according to your physical conditions and your demands are highly trained and experienced and also work at an international level. They do not only give classes ranging from cardio workouts to specialized programs but they give you a proper nutritional plan that suits you according to your body’s needs.

The types of equipment used in this fitness center are more advanced and of high quality and you feel the difference after using them.

After heavy workouts, if you feel hungry then no need to go out to meet your appetizer, there is also a cafeteria with appetizing, palatable, and healthy food options. Other than that this amazing fitness center also offers a spacious changing room for your convenience.

Located behind Marina Walk fountain and from Emaar beachfront it is just 5-8 minutes by car drive.

Opening Hours
Working Days: 6:30 am to 9:00 pm

Murjan Tower, shop A-7, Marina Walk, behind Marina Walk Fountain, Dubai Marina, Dubai.

Club Mina

The most reputed and admirable fitness club located on Jumeirah Street and near Emaar Beachfront is Club Mina. It is something more than a fitness center, there are plenty of options for healthy activities.

The fitness Club Mina is equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment including a cardio zone, free weights areas, and strength-building machines. The advanced machinery in Club Mina is used under the supervision of trained staff and coaches and has more experience in training individuals for their physical fitness.

A versatile fitness club also offers a Jacuzzi Steam Room, Sauna, and spa facilities and you can also enjoy healthy eateries to meet your hunger.

Other than weights and machines, you can also enjoy outdoor swimming pools and relax in indoor lap pools.

Two squash courts, two tennis courts, and three-pedal courts are also there for your participation in healthy activities.

Opening Hours
Daily: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Jumeirah Street- Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai

C-Fitness Dubai Marina

Whether you are a professional businessman who always has a hectic and tiring daily routine or you are a person living at home or dealing with light activities of his life, C-Fitness gym suits every individual of any class.

C-Fitness is located at the center heart of the Dubai- Dubai Marina and for the residents of Emaar Beachfront, it is just at your doorstep and five to eight minutes of drive.

It is one of the biggest fitness centers in Dubai. The popular classes offered by C-Fitness Club to reach your fitness goals are:

Cardio classes
AB/Core Classes
Kickboxing classes
Boxing classes
Spin classes
Martial art
Strength training
Stretching and Flexibility classes

The house of amenities and state-of-the-art training equipment operated by certified trainers makes your fitness journey more successful for you.

Opening Hours
Daily: 6:00 to 23:35

Al Sharta Street, 5th Floor Sulafa Tower, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

TK MMA & Fitness

TK MMA is a gym or fitness unit popular among celebrities and VIPs. It is just not a simple fitness club, it is a place where your dream to be physically fit comes true and even if you want to be a champion then TK MMA is the best club to choose because most of the training staff is international champions who know thick and thin to train a champion.

With state of art amenities and high-quality training machines, this world-class fitness club is located in the heart of the Middle East. The residents of Emaar Beachfront can also join this elite-class fitness club conveniently as it's just a few minutes away.

Opening Hours
Daily: 6:00 am to 12:00 am

Shatha Tower - 9th floor - Dubai Media City - Dubai

Fitness First

Another world-class Gym located in Dubai Marina is Fitness First. The brand-new gym has become popular in a short period due to the exceptional fitness services it offers.

Professional and experienced trainers are there to train you, to meet your expectations regarding your physical fitness. They also provide you with a nutritional plan that is necessary according to your workout and body requirements.

You can have plenty of options from high-intensity boxing classes to hot yoga sessions. The unique feature of this club is that it offers access to multiple membership plans you can choose from platinum and titanium plans as per your requirements.

Opening Hours
Daily: 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Located at Marina Gate level P1, the heart center of Dubai Marina.

Final Thoughts

NRG Fitness, Club Mina, C-Fitness Dubai Marina, TK MMA & Fitness, and Fitness First are the best gyms we have discussed. Each gym has its specialty and specifications, offers a unique membership plan, and is conveniently located at a prime location.

Just go and grab the best opportunity to be physically fit enough.

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