What kind of jobs will I get after the hospitality management course?

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Pursuing a hospitality management certificate equips you with a set of soft and hard skills that open doors to various career opportunities in a spectrum of industries. Many students are living under the delusion that studying hospitality management leads to career paths in the hotel or tourism industry. If truth be told, a hospitality management course provides managerial and leadership skills to prepare students to take senior-level administrative roles in several sectors, such as consultancy, media, event management, public relations, corporate communication, and many more.

Earning a hospitality management certificate trains students to take on increasingly senior roles in the global labor market. Therefore, we will help you explore various lucrative career opportunities after studying hospitality management in Canada.

Career opportunities after hospitality management

Hospitality management combines day-to-day business operations and customer services. The certificate hones your existing skill sets to become competent managers or leaders in various domains, including hospitality. So, check out the most sought-after jobs with a hospitality management certificate:

Tour operator

Tour operators organize and prepare holiday tours. Tour operators oversee daily tasks, from organizing accommodations to sightseeing, managing transport, and training staff. These professionals are multilingual to guide and manage tourists from different geographical areas. According to Glassdoor, tour operators in Canada make CAD 44,610 per year.

Event planner

Event planners are among the most in-demand professionals for adding value to an event. They understand clients' briefs and aim to organize events beyond their expectations. They create corporate, personal, and social events. Event planners possess strong communication, networking, and problem-solving skills.

Hotel manager

Hotel managers look after the day-to-day management of a hotel and its staff. They are also known as hoteliers. They oversee the functions of a hotel, such as planning, marketing, coordinating, and administering various services. The PayScale report suggests that a hotel manager in Canada earns CAD 52,154 annually.

Business development manager

Business development managers working in the hospitality sector identify new business opportunities for hotels. They drive business growth within a hotel by attracting new clients. Business development managers can work in various industries, such as corporate or media. The Glassdoor report suggests that the average salary for a business development manager in Canada is CAD 70,983 annually.


It is one of the most attractive professions in the hospitality industry. These professionals possess a deep understanding of wine. They are trained wine professionals working in fine dining establishments. They create the wine list with food and beverage managers. They also advise guests on wines based on their tastes. According to Glassdoor, a sommelier in Canada makes CAD 44,272 per year.

Earning a hospitality management certificate promises success in the hospitality and tourism industry. The degree opens doors to endless opportunities in this ever-changing and rewarding industry. Students who want to brush up on their management skills can consider Canada to pursue a hospitality management certificate. Explore top management institutions in Canada to apply for the course now!

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