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Monthly Archives: April 2019


7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Habit is a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance. Positive habits are the key asset of successful people. A research on the habits of highly effective people is conducted by Stephen Covey

Successful People

2 Important Habits of Successful People

Your ability to develop good work habits for what you do. Determines how much you earn, how effective you are,  how much you are respected in your organization and how much real satisfaction you get out of your job? Unfortunately, most people are poor workers.


How to Become Rich

There are 30 best positive tips to become a rich person. These are based on the attitudes of the world’s richest people. And the top 10 richest billionaires listed below List of Richest People in the World Here is a list of the top 10


Truth of the Life

Life is passing. It’s hard to catch the Time. Time is the race, a race between me and Life. Life is short but life’s (soul) is eternal. We have the right to agree or disagree, but what’s going to happen will happened. So there is


Story on the Compound Effect

Double the Grains Once, there was a King. He was fond of playing Chess. He was impressed by the inventor of such an amazing game. As we know, Chess is a mind game and it is all about waiting for your turn to make a

Small Change has a Big Impact

Small Change has a Big Impact

The body is weak but the soul is stronger and eternal hence not limited. Knowledge is power hence dangerous. Want of an individual can make him do unwanted actions which result in a downfall in their lives. Clear your life, Shift delete unwanted negative sources


Love And Kisses in a Box

There was a man once, Frustrated from his life. he had a daughter by the name of Annie. One day near the holidays the little girl Annie, Thought to surprise her dad with a gift. As finance was tied and the father was in tension


Story on Sympathy

Puppies for sale In a town close to Amsterdam, a puppy shop owner decides to put a sign ‘Puppies for Sale’ outside his store, knowing the kids who cross his shop will get interested to buy puppies. Later that afternoon a young boy comes to


Story on Being Grateful

The Girl who couldn’t see There lived a girl who was blind from birth. She hated herself because she was blind. However, she did have a loving boyfriend who took care of her and loved her dearly. She had told him, only if she could