7 Buckets of Life

Life is full of responsibilities and curiosities. You cant spend the whole life in specific areas. We always need to fulfill our responsibilities in every area of life. Here are the top 7 buckets of life to consider

  1. Health
  2. Personality
  3. Social (Friends & Family)
  4. Career / Future
  5. Financial
  6. Growth (Intellectual / emotions / knowledge)
  7. Believe / Religion
  8. Serve

As per my observation, we need to work continuously and consistently on all buckets. Never ignore any area completely else, we will not be Positive or complete personals.

Naveed Safdar is a Software Engineer & Blogger at Buhave.com. Professionally, SEO Specialist and Internet Marketer. He loves to share positive thoughts and promotes positivity through his blog.

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