7 Tips to Maintain Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets
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Weighted blankets are becoming popular. People who have issues like restless leg syndrome or other problems causing them to have trouble sleeping can use these blankets to gain their sleep back.

The benefits are enticing, but we know these types of blankets are quite new. People are having a hard time figuring out how to care for them, and that is understandable. Here are some tips that can help you to care better for your weighted blankets.

1. Dry Gently

Okay, all weighted blankets are dryer-safe, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be gentle with them. Some people are afraid that the pellets inside will get too hot and melt inside the dryer, but that is plain overthinking.

Those pellets were made to withstand high-heat situations. However, exposing them continuously to high temperatures will significantly reduce their shelf life. Ensure that the dryer is set on a cool dry or low tumble dry when in use.

2. The Sun Dry

Those who aren't comfortable using dryers for something as precious as this blanket could do what many people do with delicate items, and that uses the sun. Letting the blanket dry outside is one of the safest things to do because the natural atmosphere paired with the sun could do wonders and help protect the fabric.

Now, any blanket left out in the sun must be removed as soon as it dries because UV rays can degrade the color of any fabric if left out for too long. Another perk of letting blankets and other articles of clothing dry in the sun is that
sunlight kills bacteria and helps remove any lingering odors.

3. Hanging Dry

Okay, if you are going to hang the blanket to dry or for any other reason, this must be done in a way that helps retain the blanket's shape. Be sure not to hang this blanket from one edge. These types of blankets need to be placed over the laundry line.

Preferably, blanket owners who are going to air dry may want to place the blanket over two parallel lines so that the blanket can be spread out evenly. The weighted blanket must have the least amount of wrinkles when left out in the sun, or these might begin to set in, and no one wants that.

4. Smart Washing

The next thing that should be pointed out is that blankets should not be washed too often. The more you wash these blankets, the less they will last, and it is important to consider how effective a particular washing machine is. Some of these blankets can weigh more than 20 pounds.

That is a lot of weight that washing machines and dryers could have a hard time dealing with. Sometimes, this could lead to multiple washes and drying cycles just to clean and dry the blanket. The best thing to do at this point is to take the blanket to a professional dry cleaner, who probably has large commercial dryers and washing machines capable of this task.

5. No Harsh Chemicals

The next thing to pay attention to are the chemicals typically used when washing and drying. A number of them are a little too harsh and could diminish the blanket's condition. Fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and bleach mustn't be used on these blankets.

All of these chemicals can degrade the overall quality of the blanket. Bleach could break down some of the fibers within the blanket that help keep it together. The weight part of the blanket is sewn inside, so a problem could develop if you allow the bleach to slowly destroy your blanket. Softeners may feel great at the beginning, but the problem is the chemicals inside start to build up within the fibers and, given enough space and time, begin to make the fabric feel stiff, and no one wants that.

6. Iron No More

Now, no one is saying you shouldn't iron other bedding pieces, but you don't want to iron this blanket. Again, the pellets can handle the heat, but direct heat can still affect the pellets, especially if the iron is left on one specific area too long, and accidents happen all the time.

We know that all it takes is one distraction for a person to forget about the iron for a moment. This is not a mistake you can afford to make because high-quality weighted blankets can cost a significant amount of money, and no one wants to replace them several times when it is not necessary.

7. Stains Before Heat

Any stains on the blanket need to be treated as quickly as possible. The longer the stain stays on the fabric, the harder it is to remove. This issue only gets worse if the blanket is accidentally placed in the dryer before the stain is fully removed or treated.

The heat from a dryer can set the stain in, and that is going to be even harder to deal with. Everyone knows that people don't usually want to use a blanket with a visible stain, no matter how many times you say the blanket is clean. A good-weight blanket like this one shouldn't be retired too quickly simply because it got stained.

Now, people can care for their blanket and give it a long life. For those who have more than one, try to take them to the cleaners all at once so that they all stay fresh and clean when you rest your body after a long day.

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Michelmc Nicoll
Michelmc Nicoll
4 years ago

I love this post! I read your blog fairly often and you're always coming out with some great stuff! I have shared this ost on my Facebook feed and my followers had a great response and they loved it! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Pok Nitterhouse
Pok Nitterhouse
4 years ago

Hi, the 7 Tips to Maintain Weighted Blankets article it is well written and is very useful.
That's how easy it can be to finally enjoy restful nights and see the surprising health benefits for your child.

Boswell Hessellund
Boswell Hessellund
4 years ago

I really like your work and your blog on WEIGHTED BLANKETS is very interesting.
I have to appreciate your job and efforts. It is extraordinary.

4 years ago

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