8 Reasons Why Self-Storage is a Must When Remodeling

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Remodeling a home can be an exciting yet challenging process. While the end result is often a beautiful, upgraded living space, the renovation itself brings many hurdles. From managing construction mess and noise to finding temporary places to store furniture and belongings, remodeling requires some creative problem-solving. One solution that can make the process infinitely smoother is using a self-storage facility.

Self-storage offers numerous benefits that directly address the common pain points of remodeling. According to recent industry statistics, demand for self-storage during home renovations is growing rapidly across the country. There are over 50,000 storage facilities in the U.S. as of 2022, providing ample options for homeowners undergoing renovations. So, no matter where you live, as a homeowner, you can rely on storage help when renovating.

Read on to eight common reasons why self-storage is an indispensable tool for any major home remodeling project.

Prevent Accidental Damage

Even with careful contractors, accidents happen. Walls get bumped, floors scratched, and items dropped. With your valuables stored offsite in a self-storage unit, you don’t have to worry about workers inadvertently damaging your belongings. It also removes obstructions from the work area, reducing accidents.

Check with your homeowner’s insurance about coverage for items kept in self-storage during a renovation. Many policies cover damage and theft, but it’s important to clarify beforehand. Also, ask the storage facility about their insurance options in case of policy exclusions. Some offer tenant insurance plans for extra protection.

Keep Valuables Safe and Secure

Safety is often the number one concern during a renovation. With construction crews coming and going, doors and windows removed, and drywall down, security risks are heightened. Using trusted storage facilities like All Purpose Storage ensures that your precious belongings are kept in a highly secure environment.

Look for amenities like 24/7 video monitoring, alarmed individual units, gated access, and on-site staff. There are many highly rated facilities that offer exceptional security, giving peace of mind amidst the renovation chaos. Specifically, look for climate-controlled units that are indoors, as they offer protection from weather and pests. Outdoor units may be more vulnerable to break-ins. Also, ensure the facility has secure coded entry and that valuables like jewelry can be stored in smaller locked boxes inside the unit.

Protect Items from Dust and Debris

Home remodeling inevitably involves copious amounts of dust, dirt, and debris. From drywall dust to paint flecks, this construction mess can damage or dirty your possessions. Storing belongings in a self-storage unit spares them from this nuisance. The clean, controlled storage environment prevents dust accumulation, staining, and other damage during the renovation.
Be sure to wrap furniture, electronics, artwork, and other valuables in protective plastic or blankets before transporting them to storage. This provides an extra barrier against dust, scratches, and paint. Use cardboard boxes to store clothing and fabrics, sealing the boxes with tape. Delicate items like china and crystals may require specially designed moving boxes with padding to prevent breakage.

Take photos of how you packed the storage unit so you remember where items are located when retrieving them later.

Create More Elbow Room

Remodeling with all your furniture and boxes still in the house is challenging. Every room becomes an obstacle course slowing down contractors and the renovation timeline. Transferring excess items to self-storage creates open space for workers to access walls, flooring, and more. Tasks get finished faster and more efficiently without navigating clutter.

When determining what to keep and what to store, be ruthless about eliminating non-essentials. For example, seasonal decor can go straight into storage since it won’t be needed for months. The more you can pare down, the easier it will be to operate in the space during construction. Only keep out the bare minimum — beds, kitchen and bath essentials, and basic living room seating.

Access Items Quickly As Needed

Despite being stored offsite, the contents of your self-storage unit remain easily accessible thanks to 24/7 access at most facilities. Retrieve tools, materials, or personal items effortlessly without disrupting the renovation. This also facilitates better organization, allowing you to neatly inventory supplies needed at various stages.
When first moving items into the unit, arrange boxes and furniture logically based on priority and frequency of use. For example, seasonal clothes can go in the back, while kitchen supplies are up front for easy access. Many facilities allow the use of shelves and other organizational systems to keep the unit tidy.

Rent Flexibly for an Uncertain Timeline

Home remodels hardly ever finish on schedule. Unexpected delays from material shortages, permit issues, or contractor availability are common. Self-storage facilities recognize this uncertainty and offer flexible rental terms. Choose from week-to-week or month-to-month options to account for a fluctuating timeline.

Ask about pro-rated policies in case you need the unit for a partial month. Some facilities allow renting by the week for ultimate flexibility. Make sure you can extend or shorten your rental agreement easily without penalties. Also, find out the fees and processes for upgrading to a larger unit if needed.

Stay Organized

Decluttering before a renovation promotes organization and efficiency. Self-storage units provide the perfect place to neatly store items not needed for day-to-day living while renovating. The tidy, compartmentalized units keep you from shuffling belongings from room to room as work progresses. Retrieving items is straightforward.
Use color-coded labels on moving boxes to make finding items easier — red for the kitchen, blue for bathrooms, green for seasonal items, etc. Pack an organized “moving kit” with essentials like tape, box cutters, labels, and permanent markers to facilitate loading/unloading the unit efficiently. Maintain an inventory list detailing what is stored and where in the unit.

Avoid Dependence on Others

Rather than imposing on friends or family by asking them to store your stuff, self-storage units provide an independent storage solution. You won’t have to coordinate pick-up/drop-off or risk damaging items being repeatedly loaded/unloaded. Self-storage puts you fully in control of your belongings.

Self-storage also prevents strained relationships from the burden of storing someone else’s belongings long-term. Make it clear that you have arranged your own storage so friends/family are not obligated.


Self-storage delivers multifaceted benefits for any home remodeling project. By keeping valuables secure, protecting items from construction mess, creating ample workspace, offering accessibility, providing flexible and affordable storage, and more, it streamlines the process. Considering the headaches of remodeling without adequate storage, investing in a self-storage unit is a wise choice. With so many advantages, self-storage is undoubtedly a must for smooth, successful home remodeling.

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