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Student Apartments
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Amenities offered in student housing apartments

Today, many students prefer staying in student housing apartments instead of dorms and on-campus accommodation. The off-campus student complexes are affordable, have appropriate lease terms, and are close to the school. Many colleges and universities have devoted a considerable percentage of their finances to improving student housing.

These developments have enabled the apartments to attract prospective students and offer them luxurious living arrangements. They are enough motivation to leave the dorm-life behind. Today, many students are assessing the type of housing available before enrolling in a college or university. The following are the common amenities that you can find in these modern student housing apartments.

1- Wi-Fi or Internet Connectivity

A strong Wi-Fi signal is one of the few things that young people consider a priority and necessity. Students need an internet connection for their laptops, cellphones, and other devices. They also use it to do homework, download music and movies, participate in online classes, communicate with their friends or family, and play video games. Many student housing apartments have signed up for a premium bandwidth or installed 5G services.

2- Tech-centric Study Rooms

University and college students need a perfect, quiet, and distraction-free place where they can study as individuals or groups. For this reason, these higher education institutions have made an effort to add individual study rooms in the student housing apartments.

They have also equipped these rooms with various technological features, such as desktop computer systems, soundproofing, printers, and smartboards. These facilities improve the students’ learning and focus.

3- Digital Fitness Centers

Many colleges today are emphasizing the significance of physical and mental health among their students due to the alarming mental health issues among young people, especially Gen Z. They believe that a digital fitness center can help these students manage the pressure of college life and improve their academic performance.

Students can use these facilities for various fitness-related purposes, such as yoga and kickboxing. In an effort to digitize health and fitness, colleges have also equipped the fitness centers with video technology in the form of large televisions and projection screens that allow students to choose their preferred workouts.

4- Increased Outdoor Space

Having common areas inside the student housing apartments is great. However, outside space is equally important because it allows students to enjoy the warm weather and socialize more. Most modern apartments have outdoor grilling areas, coffee bars, and resort-style pools on the rooftops. Some colleges are also stretching the fitness centers to the outdoor space to provide students with an area to play soccer and other games.

5- Modern Laundry Facilities

For many years, many students have disliked doing laundry in the campus housing laundry facilities because of various reasons. For example, the number of functional washers and dryers was limited. Additionally, someone could steal or move another person’s clothes without permission.

Today, the situation is different because student housing operators have introduced new technology to optimize this task. For instance, the smart washers and dryers have significantly improved the laundry experience for the learners.

6- Sports and Recreation

Most luxurious student housing apartments in universities offer adequate room for sports. Students can play air hockey, video games, and tavern-style games. In some apartments, you can also find volleyball or basketball courts.

These amenities enable the students to exercise, enjoy their free time, socialize, and live like a small community. When designing these apartments, developers from Troy University housing can help your institution select and install a safe floor plan in these recreational spaces.

7- Keyless Room Entry

The Universities are installing digital-entry systems in the student housing apartments. Students have to use their smartphones and student IDs to access the rooms and other available services. The keyless system increases security since unauthorized people cannot copy the key and break into the building without being noticed. It also makes the learners more accountable.

In summary, student housing apartments have advanced and tailor-made amenities because the residents are from a common age group and share many interests. Many universities in the United States are privately owned. Adding fitness centers, strong internet connections, digital study rooms, and laundry facilities attract more students and enable them to focus more on learning.

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