Strategies to Build Your Brand's Reputation and Visibility

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Are you having trouble building a reputation in your market sector or getting your company the attention it deserves? If so, you may need to put more effort into your awareness funnel marketing efforts.

Awareness funnel marketing refers to advertising that is meant to capture new leads and prospects. It’s the stage of the buying journey during which a customer first becomes–as the name implies–aware of your brand.

In the awareness stage, your customer may not initially need your products. However, if your company has an interesting and unique message, they may further engage with you by following you on social media or signing up for your email marketing list.
Here are a few strategies to try if you’d like to build your company’s reputation and visibility among potential clients.

1. Don’t Ignore the Power of Customer Testimonials

If you have a local storefront or sell to people online, you’ll want positive customer reviews from prior clients. Stellar reviews indicate a good customer experience. The more positive testimonials you have, the easier it is to build trust with your audience.

People tend to rely on others’ opinions when looking for something they need. For instance, suppose that you own an Italian restaurant but have several competitors within a five-mile radius.

Someone unfamiliar with your dining establishment who searches for Italian food nearby may come across your listing on Google Maps. If your profile has five-star reviews, they’ll be more likely to visit you than your competitor with no reviews.

If obtaining customer reviews is new to you, or you’re just starting your business, you’ll want to encourage your clients to leave you reviews on your chosen site. After they complete a purchase with you, send them a thank you email and ask if they’d mind leaving you a quick review.

Most people won’t mind spending a few minutes on an excellent review. This is especially true if you gave them a great experience.

2. Regularly Engage with Your Social Media Audience

Building a social media audience for your company can be tricky, especially if your products don’t align well with social media platforms. For instance, if you provide bookkeeping services, you probably won’t be able to establish a large Instagram following. However, you might find LinkedIn to be an effective advertising source.

Whatever social media platforms you use, you should regularly post interesting content that engages your audience. If your social media accounts are full of ads and promotional material, you’re unlikely to attract the following you’re looking for.

Instead, take the time to provide quality targeted content.

The people who follow your social media accounts will probably comment on your posts. Respond to them quickly, and always take the time to answer any direct messages that come your way.

3. Have a Solid Content Strategy

Search engines are full of people looking for information, and you should take advantage of your website to provide content that answers their inquiries. A good content strategy will include information relevant to your products and services. It can help you build credibility and set you apart from competitors.

Companies that continuously publish helpful content, whether in the form of blog posts, articles, case studies, videos, or whitepapers, will see their reputations improve in their industry sector. After all, clients want to buy from brands that offer value and appear authoritative.

If your company lacks credibility and never publishes content, you’re unlikely to see the traffic you need to scale your business. You’ll lose out to your competitors who take their content strategy seriously.

Now, you may not have the time it takes to make the quality content you need to build your brand, especially if you’re understaffed or trying to do it all independently. Consider working with a dedicated and experienced content marketing team that can help you create content that attracts more customers and builds your reputation.

Think of content creation as a long game. You'll gradually build your reputation as you continue to add new content to your website or other platforms. Don’t expect returns overnight. A successful strategy will require persistence, dedication, and hard work.

Reputation and Visibility are Critical to Your Awareness Funnel Marketing Strategies

To truly obtain traction in your market sector, you’ll need to build your reputation and get your company’s name in front of your audience. Once people see you’re credible and that your clients genuinely love what you have to offer, they’ll want to learn more about your business. As time goes by, you’ll find it easier to attract clients through your marketing funnel.

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