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Story on Being Grateful

The Girl who couldn’t see

There lived a girl who was blind from birth. She hated herself because she was blind. However, she did have a loving boyfriend who took care of her and loved her dearly. She had told him, only if she could see, so she would know how the world looks and how her boyfriend looks, She would marry her boyfriend. A few weeks later someone donated their eyes to her and she was able to see the world for the first time. She could also now see her boyfriend only to find he is blind. She refuses to marry him. As her boyfriend left just stating,

Dear please do take care of my Eyes

Moral of the story

As the circumstances change, People change, This is the nature of creation. We evolve and keep changing. The only point is if you change for the better or you could change for the worse. It all comes down to the sacrifices you are ready to make to become a better person and just hope you could be a change in another person’s life. Be who you are and be free from the corruption of this world. If we can change the mentality of one person, You have changed a life. Be grateful for what we have and the sooner we learn to appreciate what we possess, we become more realistic in life.

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