Benefits of Using Pre Bid Server in Programmatic Advertising

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Programmatic advertising has significantly transformed the digital marketing terrain by introducing automation, efficiency, and real-time auction capabilities. The emergence of this data-driven advertising model has been swift and impactful, with an impressive 83% of nearly 165,000 companies opting for digital advertising, showcasing their adoption of programmatic methods​.

Among the myriad tools available to advertisers, Pre Bid Server distinguishes itself with its unique features and advantages. This server-to-server header bidding solution is engineered to optimize ad operations, ensuring both publishers and advertisers reap the maximum benefits.

As the digital advertising expenditure globally is expected to reach a remarkable $681.3 billion in 2023, the role of programmatic advertising becomes even more pivotal​2​.
This article delves into the many Pre Bid Server benefits when employed for digital advertising.

Reduced Latency

Latency, the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer, is a critical concern in digital advertising. In traditional client-side header bidding, every ad request needs to be processed on the user's device, which often leads to increased page load times. This is not just a minor inconvenience; latency can significantly degrade the user experience, leading to higher bounce rates and lower ad viewability.

Pre Bid Server addresses this issue proficiently by shifting the ad request and response processing to the server side. By handling the bulk of the ad bidding operations server-side, Pre Bid Server significantly reduces the page load time, ensuring a smoother and more engaging user experience. The importance of this cannot be overstated as faster page load times have been associated with better user engagement and improved ad performance.

Increased Demand

In the digital advertising ecosystem, demand is driven by the competition among advertisers for available ad inventory. Pre Bid Server elevates this competition by aggregating demand from multiple demand partners and ad exchanges. This aggregation creates a more competitive auction environment, often translating to better fill rates and higher Cost Per mile (CPM) for publishers.

Higher CPMs mean increased revenue for publishers, making this a vital benefit. Furthermore, the heightened competition ensures that advertisers are paying a fair market price for the ad inventory, making the auction process more efficient and beneficial for all parties involved.

Enhanced Performance

Performance in digital advertising is measured by how quickly and efficiently ads are rendered on the user's device. The shift from client-side to server-side header bidding, as facilitated by Pre Bid Server, significantly enhances ad rendering performance.

By offloading the heavy lifting from the user’s device to the server, Pre Bid Server ensures that ads are rendered faster, and the browsing experience remains smooth.
This is particularly beneficial in scenarios where users are on devices with limited processing capabilities. Enhanced performance leads to better ad viewability and, by extension, potentially higher conversion rates for advertisers.

Greater Transparency

Transparency in digital advertising refers to the clear and understandable exchange of information between all parties involved. Pre Bid Server fosters transparency by providing detailed reporting and analytics capabilities. Publishers and advertisers have access to clear and comprehensive data regarding the auction dynamics, bid responses, and performance metrics.

This level of transparency builds trust among publishers, advertisers, and demand partners, as they can have a clearer understanding of how the auctions are performed, how bids are evaluated, and how the ad inventory is valued. With this information, publishers and advertisers can make informed decisions to optimize their ad operations and achieve better ROI.

Increased Scalability

Digital publishers often face scalability issues, especially during traffic spikes. The server-side nature of Pre Bid Server significantly alleviates scalability concerns. Unlike client-side header bidding, where increasing traffic can lead to performance degradation, Pre Bid Server handles bid operations on the server side, ensuring consistent performance regardless of traffic volumes.

This is crucial for publishers with growing audiences or those who experience traffic surges, as it ensures that the ad operations remain efficient and the user experience remains unhampered even during high-traffic periods.
Cross-Platform Capabilities
Pre Bid Server supports multiple platforms, including mobile, desktop, and OTT (Over-The-Top), making it a versatile solution for multi-platform advertising campaigns.

Advertisers and publishers can manage their campaigns across different platforms through a unified solution, ensuring consistency in ad operations and simplifying the management of multi-platform campaigns. This cross-platform capability is essential in today’s diverse digital field, where audiences are spread across various devices and platforms.


Digital advertising has gotten a big boost with the introduction of programmatic advertising, and tools like Pre Bid Server are at the forefront of this change. By tackling key issues like slow loading times (latency), and improving performance by handling ad requests on the server side, Pre Bid Server brings about better efficiency and effectiveness in managing ads.

The increased demand, created by bringing together multiple sources of ad requests, not only raises the potential earnings for publishers but also makes the market fairer and more competitive for advertisers.

The clear and detailed reporting and analytics provided bring about a sense of trust among everyone involved and help in making well-informed decisions. Moreover, the scalability feature of Pre Bid Server is a big plus for digital publishers, ensuring that the performance remains steady even when traffic increases.

Lastly, the ability of Pre Bid Server to work across different platforms like mobile, desktop, and OTT (Over-The-Top), provides a unified solution for managing advertising campaigns on different platforms in today’s varied digital world.

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