Choosing the right hire car for your golfing holiday

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1. Malaga Airport Parking

Malaga Airport parking is located close to the terminal building. It is a cheap option compared to other airport parking options. You can park for between 80 euros per day and 120 euros per day depending on how much time you leave the vehicle at the parking lot. If you have a return flight, then you should book both ways. There is no booking fee if you use the online booking system. After you pay, you need to print out the ticket and show it upon returning your rental car. Most companies will not accept credit cards or debit cards, only cash, but some others may take plastic. Make sure to check if you want to use any of these payment types before making your reservation. A few hours after you arrive at the airport, you can make a reservation using the mobile app. All reservations are secured and encrypted over their servers. Be aware that you are responsible for any damage or loss incurred during your stay. When you're ready to pick up your rental car, just go to the drop off counter where they will give you your keys. You will receive an email containing information about your vehicle's details.

2. Car Rental Malaga

The car rental service in Malaga Airport offers many different vehicles to choose from. These cars are clean and well maintained. Some of them even include air conditioning and GPS systems. You are able to reserve your car online 24/7. Once you've booked your rental car, you'll receive an email confirmation with additional information regarding the location of the car rental company. As soon as you receive the email, download the application and follow the instructions to unlock your car. Make sure to provide the contact details of the person who is picking you up upon arrival. Also, try to find a safe and secure place in the parking lot to leave your valuables or anything else you don't want left unattended. Your driver will greet you at the entrance to the airport and drive right towards your car. He will explain everything he needs to do while driving and answer any questions you may have. Before you leave the airport, ask him to confirm whether he received your phone number as requested earlier. 7 seater car hire malaga airport

3. Malaga Airport Taxi Service

You can always find taxis near the taxi rank or outside the terminal building. There is a charge of 12 euros for a trip anywhere inside Malaga City, and 18 euros for trips outside city limits. The average journey time is around 10-15 minutes. One advantage of taking a taxi is that you won't have to deal with traffic congestion. In addition, the drivers know exactly where to go.

4. Malaga Airport Shuttle Bus

Shuttle buses are not available in Malaga Airport, but they serve several cities around Spain. A ride from Malaga Airport to Malaga costs 15 euros, while a roundtrip is 30 euros. If you want something cheaper, there are shuttles that offer transport to the center for 5 euros. If you are looking for a bus that serves other towns besides Malaga, you might want to consider going with ALSA. The shuttle is very convenient because it takes less than 20 minutes to reach your destination.

5. Malaga Airport Hotel

Hotels in Malaga Airport are quite expensive. Rooms start at around 70 euros per night if you want to stay in a standard hotel. You can save money though if you look for an Airing instead. This way, you can get a room for approximately 40 euros per night. If you want to stay in an apartment, then you can find them starting at 100 euros per night.

6. Malaga Airport Restaurants

There are numerous restaurants in Malaga airport. However, because of security reasons, you cannot bring food into the airport. You can still order food from a nearby restaurant using the mobile app. You can eat at bars, cafes, fast food outlets or even McDonald's. If you want to avoid eating processed foods, you can choose dishes prepared fresh or order an omelet. There are plenty of vegetarian choices available and you can ask for special requests if you prefer something specific.

7. Malaga Airport Shopping

Shopping malls and supermarkets can be found in almost every corner of the airport. If you're traveling with lots of luggage, you can buy bigger items here. Other than shopping, there are also stores selling souvenirs. You can find clothing, accessories, bags, and sunglasses.

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