Complete Guide to Shopping for Classroom Chairs

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Appropriate furniture in the classroom will ensure an environment of safety and comfort for students to learn independently, with others, and with an open mind. Classroom furniture must be ideal for the students to have an exceptional learning experience.

Most of the time, furniture is bought online or through catalogs, making it challenging to find a perfect match of chairs and tables, especially in height, size, and materials. It can get overwhelming to figure out which is the right chair for your classroom. Here's a complete guide that can help you order classroom chairs online from Worthington Direct without any hindrance.

Determining The Right Chair Size

According to age, the requirement of chair sizing differs for each grade. From kindergarten through middle school, chair sizes are determined by dangling feet, slouching children, or fidgeting students.

This is a clear indication of how uncomfortable a child is feeling. At this age, it is better to choose smaller chairs that allow children to place their feet firmly on the ground at a 90° angle. There should also be enough space between the desk and their legs. You can determine these factors by exploring the measurements of the furniture chosen. For older students, comfort should be a top priority. Teenagers tend to lose interest quite quickly, and they will need to catch up with an uncomfortable environment. Hence, providing comfort and choosing chairs with good angles are essential to avoid back pain.

Choosing Materials

The material of the chair determines the durability of the product. While comfort and size are the focus, an intelligent choice will be economical chairs that can endure years of use. Most of them are designed with metal frames that are attached to plastic chairs with the help of bolts, rivets, and brackets. The seats come with a backrest design in an assortment of colors that are less likely to fade and are made from plastic that resists static and is comfortable to sit on. You will have the option to choose between four-legged chairs and a sled design. Four-legged are conventional and stable. The sled design has a more modern, sleek design and provides a sturdier base to prevent the chair from tipping.

Additional Features to Consider

Choose a chair with a cut between the seat and the backrest to enhance comfort. This allows airflow to travel and puts less pressure on the spine, which prevents back pain and slouching. To accommodate the students, bookcases are an excellent addition to provide storage. The choice is between open-front desks and lift-lid desks.

When students have more storage space, the classroom will have less hassle in reaching into their bags to take out required materials continuously. Furthermore, adjustable chairs will allow the student to set the height according to their comfort- whether they are tall or short or require more leg space. Stackable chairs will be suitable for interactive classes. The students will easily stack the chairs to create more space for class activities.


The more you explore, the more options you will find. Some features are not suitable for older grades or university-level students, while others will require larger desks and more storage. Besides additional features, comfort will be necessary at all levels to ensure an educational environment.

Investing in the right desks helps students work on the task at hand without thinking about their comfort. Which helps to create an adequate space where everyone can learn and finish their work.

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